Africa culture/tradition education Nature Pastoral


Fast falls the evening tide in Ovim. At this time of the day thick fog descend from hills surrounding our village. Tens of thousand incessant voices converse in low tones. I’m confused on which to listen to. Evenings must be a time of reflection for every creature. It’s even more exciting to sit among them and to hear their distant calls, shrieking and buzzing.

I’m sitting outside. There’s a full moon. This night will be cold for sure. The fog is much. A big buzzing insect just came by to investigate my phone light and left peacefully. But small moths won’t leave, they always disturb my phone light. I wonder if these moths could read what I’m typing. Haha. Sometimes I wonder why moths disturb small light sources like phone lights and hand touches rather than big light sources like the moon.

I think we are stuck with these incessant voices and light craving insects. There’s a lot they say about us and how we treat the world we live in.

Good night everyone.

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