Just as courage takes its stand by others in challenging situations, so compassion takes its stand with others in their distress. Compassion is a virtue that takes seriously the reality of other persons, their inner lives, their emotions, as well as their external circumstances.

We must be courageous to say the truth, for conscience is the root of courage.

What if we use stories and tales to bring positive change to the world?

This blog is dedicated to Earth’s voices that are unheard. To the trees and airs we pollute, to the oceans and seas we dump chemicals and plastics in, to refugees who crave for home, to victims of war and other natural disasters, to children and women who find themselves in conditions such as rape, trafficking, forced labor or marriage, physical/sexual violence and all kinds of molestation/slavery. My heart goes out to children and women in particular. Be rest assured someone is thinking and praying for you.

Though I write pastoral and Nature poems, I find it necessary to write about the Earth too. I’m worried about the way man treat the world we live in. I shrug away the feeling of waking up to a treeless and sooty world. I come from Africa where very little is done to promote the usage of cleaner energy and proper waste management. In some industrial areas, waste is dumped in rivers and other water bodies constituting health hazards. Households (use of fossil), factories and automobiles churn out enough carbon and the human/natural populace feel the heat. Worse, trees are logged with no replacement. Cities are designed with very little consideration for green spaces, for trees. I commend those fighting for just causes, for human and animal rights, for those planting trees and forests across the earth, I say thank you!

Sometimes I write for the oppressed, I write about the persecuted, the homeless, the hungry and the sick. I wish that more could be done to help these people. So I lend the voices in this blog to them.

Finally, I’m grateful to everyone who in one way or the other support me in this journey of writing.

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