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The Cricket’s Sorrow

I laid my bones down to rest
An airy night, dark and quiet,
When a thought swept over me
I was still awake
When I heard it
I heard it screech
A cold voice, not far from me
I paused, listened
A neighbor coughed from the next flat and bothered it
So quietness stayed for a while

Another screech
I kept mute to hear it speak…

Ihttttcchh, what a painful world,
A disturbed place, a confused one,
Less trees, lesser shrubs
Less green places for little fauns
Dark places, carbon profits
Hotter days and nights
And yet all they do is sit
To clamour for more wealth!’

I could feel her pain
I could almost touch it
I see myself in her shoes

And wonder what may become
Of this beautiful Earth


Dedicated to those who genuinely fight to keep the Earth from dying and to all trees and shrubs in the forests, that still sustain human life, everywhere, anywhere.

Africa culture/tradition Nature Pastoral Poetry

February Harmattan

Harbinger of Sahara, king of the queer dust I hail you!
Your entourage of heavy sand storms and dunes
Display there works of art on our glass windows and faces
You give us very strange attires, ghostly ones

We wonder, we make guesses of why you love the dust,
Why you paint all; flowers, careless food, the pond
And why you draw make ups on our innocent faces
But when you leave, we have air void of your asunder

Our feet crack, our lips go extremely dry
No one knows your origin, even the nomads,
The camels, the horses smell you and grunt hard
When your dust meets water, it gives a pleasant smell

Where the rivers flow, you carry your dust to
So when we escape from your conquered cities
We run into the embrace of the river’s mud
Trees stand aghast, confused of what you are becoming

But alas, you come and must go,
You and your cruel crew
So where next are you going to,
And why must you paint all so?

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Fast falls the evening tide in Ovim. At this time of the day thick fog descend from hills surrounding our village. Tens of thousand incessant voices converse in low tones. I’m confused on which to listen to. Evenings must be a time of reflection for every creature. It’s even more exciting to sit among them and to hear their distant calls, shrieking and buzzing.

I’m sitting outside. There’s a full moon. This night will be cold for sure. The fog is much. A big buzzing insect just came by to investigate my phone light and left peacefully. But small moths won’t leave, they always disturb my phone light. I wonder if these moths could read what I’m typing. Haha. Sometimes I wonder why moths disturb small light sources like phone lights and hand touches rather than big light sources like the moon.

I think we are stuck with these incessant voices and light craving insects. There’s a lot they say about us and how we treat the world we live in.

Good night everyone.


The Baobab

This is for you humble castle, beautiful succour and living citadel,
You whose roots are soft seats; you who shelter ants, mushrooms and birds,
Your leaves are shield from rain, you are a friend to all that may come


As we read through, let’s remember to play our role in protecting Earth’s vegetation and trees.

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The Wrong Way

I sit by the cliff edge

To watch the lights go out

And one by one they went

Nothing made sense

As we live in disguise,





From all our disastrous efforts

But are we prisoners of earth?

Do we have to let everything be?

If I write alone, no one will hear me

Now drums of carbon beat away

While we barely stirred from her way

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Thoughts: Africa

Don’t be overwhelmed by what you see. Stay calm in the raging storm

Life has not been so fair to many. Sometimes it is easy to imagine from a safe part of the world, how people survive in war torn, disaster/disease stricken parts of Africa.

We wake up in the morning to different news. Economic news reveal that we may lose our investments. Political news talk of conspiracies, deals, xenophobia and closed borders. Religious news bring to our notice intolerance of one religious group to another. Suicide bombings, children dropping out of school, unclean water, unhygienic sanitary practices, HIV, poverty, unemployment, wars, natural disasters and more. But in all these troubles, we find joy living one more day. The sun shines brightly, the bees will hum for her, flowers welcome her brightness and warmth and the people wake up to their duties. There’s a bird singing melodiously from the roof top. Can you hear it?

If you ever visit any African country, the scenery will amaze you. You will live in a state of two minds. Across the streets you may see children playing happily in the light rain and just by the street corner, a begging hungry teenage mother. You can wonder again, how there’s so much joy amidst much pain.

Strange as it seems, Africa has all resources to make the continent a Haven. But the leaders keep on mismanaging the resources. We have the population, which constitutes some of the world’s youngest. We have arable land, solid minerals, abundant sunshine, water bodies and at large, the workforce.

I hope that things turn around for good. I have faith in the growing call for justice for all and quality education. I believe there’s a solution coming. That solution may not be far away. Let’s watch the sun rise. Good morning from West Africa.

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I’m a Titan!
For I dance under the greying skies,
Strip the trees bare of green leaves
And watch it slowly die with my pitchforks

I’m a Titan
I tease the streams and oceans
So when they wash up dying lives on the dust
I pity and sigh with discontentment

I’m a Titan
I dig the earth to make empty caves
And when it rains, the land slides
Down, upon surprised villagers

I’m a man
I look to profits more than my future
In snow, rainfall and sunshine
Adding my gains, without a thought for the growing pain



We are living in the reality of global warming. Believe it or not, the numerous natural disasters occuring are all functions of our work, years past. It is time to sit up and work to restore the Earth’s health. We can’t be healthy on an unhealthy Earth.



Crowns, kings and queens,

Great men and women

Purple with royalty,

With greater authority

Over greying cities

And Nature’s dying beauties

Can we crown a Daffodil

And close all carbon deals?

Can we plant forests

In our modern cities?

Can we let the fragrance of roses

Cling to the corners of our buildings?

Crowns, kings and queens

Those with which we either lose or win,

Go green with royalty

And greater authority

To protect the forest

And all that dwell in it


Make me a crown of fauns and the flora

So my beautiful Nature, I can rule over



We live in the realities of global warming, in polluted atmosphere and hydrosphere and in growing human cold and selfishness. I hope our ‘crowns’ do more to save the Earth from dying.


Global warming

Now if I have traveled with the wind
And seen some parts of the world
I would stop at warring cities to preach peace
Stand under the tree to watch leaves fall quietly
And there to hold hands that sink with pain
Bring every shelter I may find so that love may gain
On the faces of crying infants I will paint
Clowns that will on their faces smiles plant
I will sow seeds that will blossom into huge trees
Feed my song to them, tell about the greying skies
How the glaciers melt and the rivers flood,
How the earth quake while carbons burn
So if I ever travel with the wind
This will be my song, save the world!


Muse: Green

Nature’s blood


Life’s culture

Sweet airs

And a host of pretty views


Oxygen tanks

Green is man’s hope

If he desire not to end up swinging from a rope


Life is green

Life is green
She goes beyond the hustle bustle
Of towns
Of great machines

Life is the flock
Away from human want


Muse: I wonder

I wonder why we pleasure in strife

Why we derive joy in profits

In expense of the dying earth

And why we must sell weapons

To cause more sorrow and pain


We chose paths of darkness and destruction

Even as Nature tries to guide us right

Now the greedy may sit at costly parks

Or peer at fine gardens from windows

But will see no damage their corporations do

Each time a hurricane or wild fires wipe entire species

We are all concerned with economics

Of land, labor and capital…

Even when these are the world we are destroying

The oceans slowly devour our lands

The foundations of the earth can not hold

Chemicals in the air mutate our diversity

We are consumed in seeking money

Day and night, industries smoke

And to we that are broke

We think that it is civilization

Hailing mass production

And our religion is money, more profit

In a world where pure rivers still flow


From waterfalls to little ponds and great lakes.

Beautiful colors of plastics showcase man’s coldness,

Coldness to himself, to fellow man and to creatures

Which must live, unfortunately with their tormentors

Even now, the creatures we share this place with

Know little about the causes of the looming doom

But I am convinced they are playing a part

To help keep the world safe and habitable

Sometimes I pray we don’t come to a point

Were we wear gas marks to communicate

And when we watch trees grow in an enclosure

Because they are the only ones left to see!


I am also convinced that the world goes round

And with it everything that founds themselves in her



This is no poem. I am worried. I fear for the earth with all these issues beclouding her. Global warming and her vices, wars, civil unrests, refugee issues, poverty, corruption, terrorism and Africa. I greet those corporations and individuals who see the need to devise means of sustaining the earths resources and reducing the impart of ‘destructive agents’ on our environment.

I am using the word we because the whole world is into businesses that in one way or the other contribute to our most pressing problem, the global warming. Urgent measures should be taking to save our only planet.

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Let us take a Walk


 Now let us take a walk through the pine forest

Through the shed which the forest provides

Through the pathway where the leaves form a cushion

Through the place where the squirrels make an abode

And the darkness of the shrubs a shed from the noon

Come let us take a walk through the lands where wheat grow

Where our eyes will meet the wonders of mother Nature,

Through the lands where fine green forests stay

Through gardens of tulips and roses and the Jacaranda

And where the streams flow towards the estuary

Let us take a walk through lands where men keep flowers

And when they blossom they pick them for the ladies

And the happy ladies dance to the love of the men

And when they dance they turn to smile showing fine teeth

Hoping for more flowers as they twist and turn

Come let us take a walk through my minds eyes

Let us write a story of our very own imaginations

Let us walk the path which no other human ever walked

Come let us give life to stories of lands far away

And lands where the sun rise with her golden entourage

Let us take a walk through the fields called love

And drink of the elixir which heals all pains

Let us take a walk through Gods word and grace

Through sincerity and purpose, through care and humanity

And hope that planes drop cucumbers and not bombs!

Come let us take a walk through fields of wheat

Let us gather the snails and slugs with a rake

Let us make fun of the things which stay around

And when the nights come to our moments

Let us sit to warm ourselves on a fire on the field

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The Tree leaves fall

Permit me a sec before reading this piece.

I am pained to see the world destroy green life, I feel the grieve of these wonderful creatures, I feel even worse knowing I might not be able to save all the trees from the cruelty of my own kind. You all know that the trees are our best companion on Earth. Destroying them for some purposes, both reasonable and unreasonable can be our own undoing. These trees supply us with our very own air of vitality (oxygen), so please can we imagine a world without trees and say no to injustice meted on this fair companions of ours? I am taking this time to write this piece in dedication to all trees and green life, to all who see the need to protect trees and make efforts to save them.


Can you see the green leaves fall

When the tree logs fell,

Behind your window or right in your garden,

By the side of your garage or on the park nearby?

The leaves fall quietly from the trees

They fall solemnly, quietly

Swinging from a branch to another

Joyfully, weightlessly, 

Not discerning why it had to fell

 Not discerning the fault of the real world

But admiring the darkening world

And sharing in her downfall a tear

But a falling tree leaf never signify our downfall

But what will a million tree leaves look like

When they fall from the skies,

Happily admiring the dark Earth

Which we live, love and crave?

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A Dying World

Dear Diary

there is too much pain in the world
I do not believe everyone is evil, no
In the midst of the crowd, there are very good people
but they are very quiet and maybe scared
they let the sick and evil ones destroy the world
the world grows sick with each passing day
but hey! Nobody gives a damn, I am alone in this
seems I see this world radically, but I am not wrong atleast
there are devastating wars in the Arab world
see green patches turn black with pollution
and whole species going extinct in a twinkle
people suffer lack of water and medical care
in an advanced age of science, technology and (war!)
infants and children die of curable diseases
we buy feed automobiles fuel made from biogas
and yet there is no food! Oh God!
rivers that we grew up with turn around to flood our homes
driving us away from were we call home
torture, rape, hate and all that degrades man is common
we watch Teevee while the world spin to disaster
nothing is the same anymore…
Love is slowly filtering away…
To somewhere, maybe another planet
I do not believe everyone is happy or (sad)
Reason being that I am a little bit in between
the strain of the dying world and human carelessness
make me sad, the love of God Almighty give me hope

I am pained and unhappy with all these happenings
I hope one day mankind will find love for one another…



The tears of dying children
Is the lullaby of gunships
The desert is smeared with
Grease, oil and human blood
The days turn to grieving nights
But the world knew no sanity
And those who fight in the fields
Humanity eludes,
Life is a little less than a chickens
And yet we walk free across the border
Where is this United Nations, eh?
Are we waiting for the fire
To torch the globe before we wake?

Aleppo and Damascus is on fire…
Jerusalem is not safe, so is Nice
We lack potable water in Africa
And thugs are fighting in the Sudan!
The blood wasted on the desert
Of Libya and everywhere cries out
No justice, the law has failed us
Give me peace, take your war horse
We cry to God, “Oh Lord help me, save me”
But we look to our neighbor with deceit
Each day men travel underworld
Without their will they forcefully go
Would there be an army waiting,
An army to rise from hate of love
When all human kind is gone finally?
What is the cost of ‘peaceful’ love
If the cost of a gun and oil barrel is dear?

The tentacles of terror spread
Everyday the world goes dark
Why we build war machines,
The glaciers melt somewhere
The deserts take our arable lands
The Earth goes blank with each day
Yet five powers kept watching

Will there be another day
To see another bomb explode?
When shall we be freed men?
Stop this Syrian war right now!


A Night with a Cricket

I laid my bones to rest
A quiet night, dark and solemn
A wild thought swept thru me
But I was to be awake
Cos I heard it
I heard the screech
A cold one, not far from me
I listened
Nothing else
A neighbors cough at the next flat bothered it
It stayed for a while…

Another screech
I lay quietly to hear it

‘Ihttttcchh, what a panful world
A disturbed place, a shattered life
They are taking all, yeah they are
No more trees, no more shrubs
No more little inhabitants of those vegetations
Just dark places
Hotter days and nights
And they all sit
Clapping for themselves!’

I could feel the pain
I could touch it
Living in a treeless society
Got me shrugging
But then, dear me
Forget not our dear dying Earth.

Dedicated to those who genuinely fight to keep the Earth from dying and to all trees and shrubs in the forests, everywhere, anywhere.

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