Ofo na Ogu (Karma)

There are natural laws upon which the universe is governed.

One of them is the Law of reaping what you sow. Another is the Law of Innocence.

You can not do anything to an innocent person. No matter how hard you try.

These laws are governed by universal principles to the degree that both good and bad spirits respect its’ powers. And this is why your enemy can not do you any spiritual harm no matter the shrine he is coming from. For these laws to work for you, the only requirement is to be blameless in any problem between you and your fellow man. Don’t be at fault. Make sure you have no hand on the cause of the problem, and if you do, be quick to admit it and peacefully resolve the matter. Otherwise, the universe will not favor you.

In Igbo Land, there is what our people call “Ofo na Ogu”. Ogu in Igbo land is a symbol of innocence. Whenever there’s a serious problem between 2 people or more in our community, a core traditional person may not want to involve the police. He will call on God, the creator of the universe to intervene on the matter to vindicate him. That is Iju Ogu in Igbo expression. Don’t take that for granted. Because, he has solicited for justice from the supreme Judge. And he will surely get justice, provided he came to equity with a clean hand.

This is the Law of Innocence. Be very careful how you treat people. Be thorough, and don’t take anything for granted.

Presented by Mr Joseph Ikpe