Hello there, you’re welcome to my blog! My secretary is excited to see you!

My name is Okechukwu. I’m from Ovim, Isuikwuato, in Nigeria. Isuikwuato is a lovely place with breathtaking hills, virgin forests, swift-flowing streams, exotic wildlife, and elegant people.

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I’m thrilled by life’s simple things. I love to work with kids. I love writing, good food, sudoku, traveling, algebra, painting, nature, wildlife, and my family. My environment, people, and continent inspire me a lot. I also love learning and teaching whatever I know.

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Oh yes, I dream a lot! But I don’t just dream; I work towards turning my dreams into reality. I’m a scholar. I believe in opening the world to others by teaching what I know. Hence I’ve spent the early part of my career teaching stuff like math. I’m currently committed to working in the humanitarian field. I’m not sure where this passion will take me, but one thing is certain – I’m never giving up on this beautiful dream of writing.

Learn more about Igbo culture and Africa.

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