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Video: What Is Life By Schneider Dean

Gratitude is Life

Every morning we wake up to the greatest gift we have: the gift of Life. Every living being on this beautiful planet, including you and me, is blessed with life.

Life is a limited period we have been given on this planet to find and fulfill our purpose. The funny thing is that most people spend their entire lifetime searching for their purpose: waiting for the right moment to act, invest time, emotions, and love. But what most people don’t realize is that the right moment is now.

We all can make this world a better place. The most significant value you can contribute to this world is to be the best version of yourself. Your best me will inspire others to become the best versions of themselves too.

When I started to follow my passion and live my life to the fullest, I became the best version of myself, and success and meaning followed immediately.

Life is filled with challenges. Remember, the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose. Denzel Washington once said, “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship!” Stop waiting for the right moment to work hard. Stop waiting for the right time to love. Don’t wait to move on and beginning something new. Your life is happening right now. The time is limited, and the purpose is clear.

Become the best version you can be NOW.

©Schneider Dean

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Quote on Love

Of all the magic in the world, none is more powerful than love.

…And that’s if we accept that any other thing qualify as magic.

Love is a driving force. It can change things; perceptions and imaginations. Great achievements are accomplished through it. Great writers wrote about it. It’s something beautiful to love. Imagine what the world will look like when we love genuinely. Show love today.

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Self Reflection 27: Laughter

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

-Nicolas Chamfort
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Muse: Family

Things may change but we begin and end with the family.

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Muse: Life

Life is strings of memories,
Little moments and turning points,
Love and forgiveness,
Flowers and breezy nights,
Happiness and bird watching…
Life is living experience,
Horse riding and beaches,
Hiking and sunset,
Coconut juice and warm soups,
So life is found most in simple things…


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Reflection: Sad Evening

I sit outside the house alone. It’s hot inside and few hours ago our house was filled with people who came to pay their last respect to my late sister. I’ve been busy, mentally and emotionally that I hardly had time for my physical self. People who knew me observed that I lost weight.

Three weeks and counting I’m still busy, on the road, to and fro the hospital she died in, paying medical bills, receiving visitors and other family errands, making arrangements for her burial which is fixed this Thursday, 20 February and my work. I recall my last discussions with my sister and how we all laughed over a joke. She is no more to share this life, no evening Bollywood or chats, no dinner or singing, no one to tease and no one to tell silly jokes. Indeed, life and its vain pursuits can be funny.

It’s human to feel pain, to feel sad and to be grateful for life. I’m consoled as a Christian and believe that my sister rests, perfectly in peace.

Good night everyone.

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Muse: Life

Quiet breezes roam this evening,
I let my weary mind stroll with it,
Walking it down these streets of life,
And reflecting on life’s true meaning,
Aware of seasons, of sowing and reaping,
I wonder if life come in such seasons,
And when stars die, if they fall off from heaven
Or if there’s such thing as human reincarnation

Life is like an early morning mist,
Hot days, its woe as it may dry up the mist
Now I lay, thinking of life’s secrets,
And what may become when I finally find it


Thoughts on Life 1

I believe that life goes beyond what we see and what we see teach us a lot about our existence.

I have met people with black, brown, yellow and white hair. I see blue clouds, sometimes grey, other times white. I have seen big oceans, small rivers and little creeks, lived in big cities and enjoyed the small hamlet setting. Little things, big things, all add to life’s diverse meaning. Life’s diversity is an interesting one.

Life is colourful. Colourful things are usually beautiful. The colour of life is alive! Positive vibes beget happiness and joy. Now if everyone could take a moment to think about life’s many colours, we can agree that our existence and success is tied to others (including our environment) and not ourselves alone.

There are reasons our body system is different from other animals, and there are more reasons why we are super intelligent.

Simple things, not material things, give life its true meaning. So life is to be enjoyed not endured. Walking through green parks and caring for people, loved ones, pets, and our environment has proved that life’s most precious and essential gifts are not material things.

Now we exist because there is an earth to take care of and that we all have roles to play. So we live to protect our environment and to add value to other people’s life and existence.

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Fast falls the evening tide in Ovim. At this time of the day thick fog descend from hills surrounding our village. Tens of thousand incessant voices converse in low tones. I’m confused on which to listen to. Evenings must be a time of reflection for every creature. It’s even more exciting to sit among them and to hear their distant calls, shrieking and buzzing.

I’m sitting outside. There’s a full moon. This night will be cold for sure. The fog is much. A big buzzing insect just came by to investigate my phone light and left peacefully. But small moths won’t leave, they always disturb my phone light. I wonder if these moths could read what I’m typing. Haha. Sometimes I wonder why moths disturb small light sources like phone lights and hand touches rather than big light sources like the moon.

I think we are stuck with these incessant voices and light craving insects. There’s a lot they say about us and how we treat the world we live in.

Good night everyone.


There is more to life by Miracle Kelechi

I stumbled on this and think it is worth sharing. Thank you Miracle Kelechi for the reminder that there is more to life than worries.


Twist and Turns

Twist and turns, that’s the song of life and the road
But crawl, walk, run towards those brown hills,
Dust shall become a dress or a travelling companion


Gods masterpiece, my inspiration

The clouds sing of Your Glory mighty One

The wind surf the mild waters of the ocean

Nature is just one of  Your Great masterpiece

The Earth is Your masterpiece

She spins up the space like a speck of dust

Which fall with the others when it is time

The snow melts down into the soil with time

She feeds the moisture starved grasses

With time we are left with lush greens!

See the sun set over the hills and greens,

Watch the little mistletoe grow on the garden

Let the wonders of our Gods creation unfold

For no one can ever be like Jehovah


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The Traveler


The traveler is like the sun

Which traverse the length of the Earth

And seen her peoples and foods and cultures

The traveler is like a blast of the wind

Which blow cold at times and hot

The flying dust is a glad companion

The traveler is like the compass

Looking for the North pole

Gladly seeking the new lands

The traveler is like a big book

Though he might have read so little

He pass for an encyclopaedia yet

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The Shepherds Tale, another

Night approached silently again

And to the shepherd it was time to retire

A time of his loneliness, a time of his daydreaming

The Night  was the shepherds only companion

She brought with her a galaxy and some fresh air

And a bouquet of country music from the other locals

When the shepherd laid down, his head on his pillow of wool

He beheld the dark skies of the Night from his window

Smiling to the thought of his sheep, to the glittering stars

Which has come to welcome him from the long day at the field

The stars twinkle like fireworks, the shepherd rejoice on the view

Colorful, entertaining the sweet Night will be his only companion

And his lullaby will be sheep’s bleating and the music from the locals


A muse: Heavy evening rain


And now it rains with thunder

The hand of Cold had come for her asunder,

Come let us see the rains fall by the window

Let us dance in the rain and have fun while we can

Surely, the heavy rain has come to sow

And her many seeds are spread across the land

The sweet breezes that come with her

Battled the stranger for his umbrella

The  darkness grew and tried to mar

The way  and hope of this stranger

We sit to enjoy the drama

While the rains fall with thunder!





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African desire


My land is green

Africa, my Africa

Together we win,

My humble desire


Your arms are long like the bamboo weed

The smoothness of the riverside air sooth it

The hornet, the weavers all spread your seed

And with joy, we come to you to inherit


Your moments are fun, beautiful, we are joyful

You are full of splendor, full of colorful butterflies

We wait to see the yam sprout, we are hopeful

With the coming rains, we plant our rice


But wait, soon the sun will shine here

Soon the sleepy forests will come alive

Soon I shall be traveling, here and there

And soon I shall see your pretty smiles


The greenness of this land know no bounds

(Remind me) that these colors I must never get used to

Let the quietness of my soul, of this great land

Paint many colors and let it all be sweet hues


I am surrounded by thousands of trees

Which danced for me  in the dewy morning

In the evenings crickets hide in the shrub leaves

Finally, in these I happily put my hopeful singing



Rhetorics: The bridge, friends, rain, family and love

What is better than bringing two worlds together,
Bringing life and earth over a body of water?

What is better than true friendship
When it’s all about companionship?

What is better than the scent of the rain
When it brings the reign of droughts to end?

What is better than the smiles of loved ones
When in all, good or bad, gives special fun?

What is better than the love in your eyes
When it brings me to Divine speed and might?

The bridge serves the community
It shares in every dream we believe in;
Involving friends, and their aspirations
We are connected to a circle that never ends
Love nurtures this circle and sense of family
Built on unconditional care and concern for others
Alas, the rains must fall; must fall on us all
And it tells of how common we must be
To one another; male or female, white or black
And the need for a long lasting linking bridge
For all dreams, mankind dreams of sharing


The tale of a Descendant

Some very cold nights I stay awake
Lights come flashing back to me
Such nights as cruel and heartless
Growing my mind from a needles eye
And the reason per say, trailing
The times gone in a sudden twinkle
And lives back again in another second
Like I traveled many miles back

Now I remember being the descendant
Of a thunder making rainmaker
Who when angry commands the winds
And lets the hamlet and farmlands flood

I was that hairy boy from the past
A son hewn out of my fathers sinews
During the days of the raid
When men sold men to slavery

I become the grandson of a great farmer
Who stalks yams and cocoyams in rows
Feeding the clan and the village
Bearing this rare title known to few

I had been a hunters son
Carrying the bags of my father
Marching across the forests and hills
Grinning and stalking a wounded antelope

I remember my grandfathers gun
The day I asked about him
And it was told, tales about him
The fall of North Africa
The fights, his courage
The dark days of the World War
The tank traps, the canons

I shudder, I ponder
And I realise how much I evolved…


A prayer for you, mums

This is my prayer
For you sweet mother
I’ll sing for you
And I’ll dance with you
See my joy when I write for you
And it’s because of you
I remember those hands that held me
Those hands that washed and fed me
My desire in a dream
Your smiles as in a golden grin
Momi if not for you
If not for you…
I can’t really say
Even if I recall those dry nights of May
When I was small
You found my lost ball
Oh precious mother
Precious momi, precious mother
How I miss those back pats
And also the motherly slaps
Now what will I be
Without your prayers?
You push me off when I’m wrong
You pull me back with the other arm
Hold me once again
Cos I’ll fall without you
You have washed my nakedness
And you have directed me off from wickedness
My baby tears have fallen all over you
Clothes blankets even your food
Now I ask God for another favor
Please my Dear Lord, I thank Thee
I pray, keep her for me
Now it’s your unfailing love
That kept hope burning lightly in my heart
This memory I want most
To hold you the way you held me when I was a toddler.

I dedicate this prayerful poem to my mom, Mrs Helen Iroegbu, my teacher, my confidant, encouragement and inspiration and to you all moms and potential moms all over the world, you all gave life to us, something so precious and loving. Kisses and hearts from me…

Oiroegbu Halls


Maker of Poetry

Now poetry had it all
A way of life, dreams and fancy
When we wake, it sings
At bedtime it comes around
In the fields, in the airs
On the back of the Camels
On automobiles on the streets
It is on the food we eat
Can you hear it pray ‘eat me?’
The fishes knows about it
The ants do too
The Orange color is it
The Sky cut in blue and white bits
A song from the Scottish pipe
A strange lifestyle, though awesome
The Streams running hastily over pebbles
The Ducks sitting quietly over a quiet pond
The dark nights and the fiery growls of Wolves
The green woodlands of the Earth
The blue Whales horn
A crickets screech of cold
A dancing happy child
Oh, even a sad moan
But poetry tells it all
The roar of the Lionesses
Prowling the Veldt
Touregs, culture and humanity
A strong rendition, a choirs
A thought, a drawing, a painted one
The Zulu chant of victory
Over brewed mqobothi
Oh poetry was made for all!
The seeds of the Oil Bean
Dance about during the sky-fall
An Iroko on her prime length
Lets her branches romance the Cloud
The infants clog about the clay soil
The winds that traverses the Earth
The minute lifes in the Forests
The talkative green feathered parrot
Lakes serene tales and songs
Trees, of ancient poets
Waterfalls obscure voices
The Saharas whistling wind
Poetry knows it all
It is in everyone
Instrumentals play in my head
A poem thankful to God
Maker of man, Nature and poetry