The Crows and The Cuckoo

It is evening here, and I’m about to tell a story. Bring your mat, sit with me outside by the fireside and let us enjoy this night breeze.

Once upon a time, there lived a set of evil Crows that roamed the land. Each day the farmers try to catch the Crows, but it was impossible, for the Crows moved in droves. In the same town lived a timid Cuckoo. The Cuckoo became friends with a Crow who introduced him to his group. Now the Cuckoo ate the group’s food, but whenever they went to plunder, he seldom followed.

One day, a traveler arrived in the town and, during his stay, observed the Crows and offered to help the city. He got a big white net and, with the help of farmers, tied it on several tall trees that surrounded many farms. It was a trap.

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As the Crows planned the next attack, they convinced the Cuckoo to join them. Off they all flew. When they settled to eat, the hidden farmers dropped the nets and crashed down on the birds. None could escape!

When the farmers caught the Crows, they saw a Cuckoo among them. ‘How come?’ They asked in surprise. But all the Cuckoo could do was cry and beg for mercy. The angry farmers won’t even listen. They destroyed the Crows with the Cuckoo.

Lesson: It is wise to know who we call a friend. If a thief is your friend, you might be mistaken as one. So being cautious and careful of our company is essential.

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