Muse: Strings of Love

Will you know true quietness when you see one?

Sure, I have heard the Pines sing a decade old song

I have felt the touch of Agape’s own hands on my soul,

I have watched as the waters rushed thru the stream

And I have listened to my heart play strings of love

Your love drives the engine in me, it fuels my mechanics

I walk with hope, I walk with your love that gave me hope

The days grow old and wither, the youth I see in you remains still

I swim in an ocean of sharks, your love are my guardian sharks!


The strings of love held us like a Dove tether’d to a heavy rock

I stand as this rock, ageless and fixed thru the long hard road

Yet you travel thru my youth, spreading your love like flowers

All over the way, all over my hopes and all over my dreams!

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