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Love’s Silhouette

We have our silhouette against sun rise,
When we stand, staring in our grey eyes,
Yet the sun may bear witness to this tryst

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Africa folklore Nature Pastoral Poetry Series

A Farmer’s Love song

I picked a pretty fruit
Which reminds me of you
Grey eyes and elegant

There are many fruits
But you are just exotic
A fine and pretty sight

You are an amazing fruit
Like the seed of Sunflower
Sweet to keep my days light

You have become my fruit
The sunshine after darkness
My best friend; humble and sweet

Africa Poetry

Initiated Relationship by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

I was drunk last night,
Thinking about your very words,
How this our love is an initiation,
And not a relationship,
What I call, inspired spirituality.
You accosted the actions,
While prolonging your decisions,
You never truly loved me,
Will it be best I say;
You rather used me,
I have heard men are scum,
And it compliments women are scam,
The diagnosis is scanned.
You initiated this relationship,
So as to please me,
Please the very excuse of love,
Or essences of mine,
I have to carry the cross,
From eight to nine mile,
But right there, you never mind,
Your always kind,
A distance love I rather find,
Blew away by the wind.
You an artist,
And you are very good at it,
A masterpiece Con-artist
You created me as an imagination,
And exploit me from your very creation,
You played me on both ends,
As lord, you word me out of life,
And piece my heart with your hate,
Which resonate the true you;
The thief with the devil’s knife,
Right there, you initiated me.
I was searching for what’s truly mine,
A motherly kind of love,
I was longing never minding the consequences,
Not until I met you,
Instead of love,
You deepen my inspiration,
My perception,
And right there,
You abuse my sexuality,
My spirituality
And my personality.

Teach me to Love you again

For our love’s memory
I cherish your love dose,
Your care and your beauty,
Each time the swift sun rose
Gracefully, I recall our hopes…

But the candle light dwindles
And I miss you, now that it faints

Teach me to love you again
Embrace me when I fail;
The hugs, cuddling, I’ll relearn-
For this promise won’t go ill
And our efforts won’t flop…

Now genuine affection will rekindle
Our fire, slowly we’ll retake all we lost


Muse: To the end of the Day

Towards the end of the day

I shall lay my head on your thighs

To behold the glittering stars


Muse: Cymbals

I fail when I break your rule

Be rest assured I still love you

For even when the sound of drums and bass guitars go faint

Your peaceful cymbals still play down the sorrow in my heart


Love song: When you smile

I remember the first time you looked at me

I watched my feet dance in my long walk

I knew the celebration that came from love that stayed a while


I remember the first time you smiled at me

I felt my heart dance and rejoice

I was happy ’cause your smiled touched a part of me left out


So when you look at me, I am full of joy

When you smile, I feel love in many tongues:

I love you, Ina son ki, ahurum gi nanya!



Africans are known to express love more verbally. This little piece, perhaps is a song I wrote to celebrate love. Mind you, I love a lot. My concern goes extensively to the preservation of nature. Much harm have been done to the Earth. But it is left for us to try to reverse the trend.

Ina son ki: Hausa language to I love you

Ahurum gi nanya: Igbo language for I love you


Ladawa: An African love song

When you look at me, it tells me many stories

I drown in the ocean of thought and love

Will it be your slim hands or the flowers you wear

Or the hair do that celebrates the African woman?

You smell like the morning dew on roses

And sometimes like mint mixed with guava!

And when you smile at me, I swing like the monkey

Through branches of abundant joy and desire

I call your name; Ladawa, my own Ladawa

Softly, you whisper back like the mambas spit

I am very obsessively happy calling your name

So let the forests, the hills standing and valleys lying hear

Of my strange love song for you dearest one!



Ladawa is a made up name.


A lovers song

I will hype you everyday
Twist your curly hair,
Sing quietly even when you sleep
Write my poetry with my fingers
On your bare naked back
I will tell you my imaginations, my tales

And when we elope…
It shall be to the countryside
Far away from any town or village
Far away from peoples stress
We shall live with the wild
The flowers and life around
When the night falls,
We shall sit together
To watch the moon
Sing with the night
Our own lullaby and tale


Musing: Hollow Heart

Do you know many who had looked through this heart

Saw nothing and left it hollow as it was?

But you came and made me sing like a baby

You saw the hollow in this heart, and filled it with melody

I tap my feet, I call you my wife, you are my perfect rhythm!

Ringing bells, cymbals, play your tune in my quiet head,

So I clap my hands now… For the way you make feel

Is more than anything and your love song is tasty

Intoxicating like the grape wine, something sent of Nature,

Yes, you make me dance like a mad man,

And I will dance, to show you how much you mean to me

Your song is my balm; healed my hearts hollow ailment,

I am so in love with you!


Muse: Strings of Love

Will you know true quietness when you see one?

Sure, I have heard the Pines sing a decade old song

I have felt the touch of Agape’s own hands on my soul,

I have watched as the waters rushed thru the stream

And I have listened to my heart play strings of love

Your love drives the engine in me, it fuels my mechanics

I walk with hope, I walk with your love that gave me hope

The days grow old and wither, the youth I see in you remains still

I swim in an ocean of sharks, your love are my guardian sharks!


The strings of love held us like a Dove tether’d to a heavy rock

I stand as this rock, ageless and fixed thru the long hard road

Yet you travel thru my youth, spreading your love like flowers

All over the way, all over my hopes and all over my dreams!


My Love

Onyinye Chukwum!
The pearl that shines with the sun,
Your skin glitter like pretty diamonds
Upon the darkest of nights you shine
From the Earth to the heights of Heaven
Your thoughts come to me like fine wine!

The love we share knows no bound
It is like the harp and the players fingers
A pure harmony brought to Earth by God
Nothing puts the Almightys will asunder

The songs we share, like the fable
Like the folklore sang by country shepherds
On green fields it becomes lively and able
As the shepherd walks before the hungry herd

The dreams we share, gave me a new life
A compass, a direction and a pathway
With you by my side, I soar to new heights
Your love kept me alive and brighten my days!

The love we share, a beautiful testimony
I desire your quiet look, your simplicity
A dream come to pass for you and me
For now I realize you were for real

Onyinye Chukwum! An Igbo exclamation meaning my gift from God!


My Love Song

Glittering stars.
The night is alive
Airs of the day
Fireflies of the night
The grey moon;
For all had gathered
And to see this love
They have come

Waters rush in haste
Upon the little tide
Of the Stream
And her waterfalls
Sweet spring!
Pulling the stubborn fern
And the stray crabs

The cymbals clash
As drumsticks beat
The leather of the drum
The trumpets sound
Crickets of the wild
The silence of the heart
And the quietness of peace

Such was me
Such I longed to be,
Such was my love
Such was my passion
Such was a moment
Ever perceived as magic
Which must not last
For a thousand years
And such must be life

But I know…
Even as the beats go slowly
Yet my fine songs still sing
And to the night…
Were my memories clash
A fond goodbye I say