Look into my eyes


Look into my eyes
See how special you are
Feel my heart jump with joy
And that is cos you are here
With me, and the setting sun
See the sun set
She laughs, and throws a kiss
Waving a goodbye, saying
Say your mind little fella
But here I stand, speechless
Shy, afraid and uncertain
You are here with me
But I am scared cos I love
But can you feel my heart
Do you know how I feel?
The Wind takes my mind away
She mocks my timidity
Asking the pouting clouds
To join the jeer
All the time you stand before me
Thinking why, I believe
Just want my love
To come, with the right feelings
Go ahead stare into my grey eyes
See the pleadings that it sends
You will see how much I missed
All this time
Oiroegbu Halls,


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