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Love poem: Tumbleweeds by Tracy Windisch-Mason

tumbleweeds I send

Love is a waterfall
A river behind

come back to me
in the end

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Poem – Little Carnival

Long train of soldier ants
Aboard the swerving tree
Several spiky leaves float
When swarms of bees
And flies waltz in sunlight,
Beautiful birds tweet
This little carnival was about
The milk from a leaking coconut

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Poem: Love Conquers

If dreams are colourless
Then love is a magical dream
That teaches and encourages,
It trusts from the heart
Builds bridges over water
To bring worlds together
True love shared
Fear no colour or creed

I lay my head
On your shoulders
Let’s take this love to moments
Where all eyes see its beauty

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Morning Wind

Morning wind, crisp smell,
Moist dew, sun rise, beautiful land
Take it all in and live in it,
Inhale deeply before it’s gone

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What I think of Poverty (Poetry)

What if I told you a poem of poverty
Will you wave it off and call me silly?
I will tell you what I think
Why communities continue to sink,
School children trek miles to get a bus
Their worn-out shoes make it worse,
Bright girls will deliberately miss school
Sanitary pads their excuse, without it a woe,
There is a lad sitting near the street bend
His foot sore, his hair torn in the wind,
He is a victim of poverty, he has no home
So he and others sit it out, in rain and storm,
Slavery, a grandchild of poverty takes
People, in order to help for goodness sake,
She humbly breaks the back of hard-working men
And throw their conquered will into her mothers den,
Cold night won’t help anyone either
She is cruel to both the rich and the pauper,
Poverty gave a meal once a day
To wish deceitful luxuries away,
If poverty was a product and so man-made
It is dished as soup in fancy bottles of pomade,
Now will you sit with me and reason
About wealth that is tactfully hidden
And enjoyed by those we trust with votes?
You will agree that poverty is not by choice

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Four Poems: Let’s Take A Walk


Breezes bring your memory; mild rosy fragrance,
The wind sing with you when you sang of the Nightingale
And now we wait to tryst, craving beautiful sunset


We must make haste, for night is a cold stranger,
For the great Baobab where our love blossomed,
Cold nights steal our warmth but time will keep memories
Of our merry evenings; me, you, beneath a pretty moon shine

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Now let’s play hide and seek before the youth arrive for tonight’s tale
Let’s cuddle while we wait for happy girls and grumpy boys,
This night I shall surely bare my mind, I’ll have no timidity
And if my wit tries to escape from me I’ll take hold of it


I’ve not come to hear stories nor see anyone but you:
My Jewel, I’m your Lion, the one who loves you in silence
And before this night tales are spent
We’ll live our Romeo and Juliet!

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Quiet Lakeside

Once upon a quiet lakeside,
Where blue clouds stay,
With very thick fog dwell,
And tall Figs hide in them
Like towers,
Over a host of colours,
Painting down the valley
When the sun rays fall
And the forest below
So all may turn to gold.
Clouds are not left behind
They shine in the sun’s glory
Her dew drop upon trees
Away from the waterfalls,
Washing white fine pebbles

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Even as the water rush
And solemn rocks wait
Upon green forests beside it
There’s a rainbow up the sky
With a host of Egrets surfing,
The white mountains stand
Patches of green here and there
As the wind blow sweet breezes
The bears may growl, cats sniff.
But all are beautiful and charming
Around a lonely and quiet lakeside
Where Nature offer a perfect sight

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Starry Night

Stars sing your herald
Cold night, crickets quiz
In quietness I lay alone

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Amuse: Reason to Smile


I like to see you laugh
Turn around, watch my goofy face
Let me be the reason you smile
To make your pain go away
Let me see curves on your mouth
Dance to lyrics of my daydream
Call me naughty names if you would,
Call me a pigeon with one dark eye,
Call me Napoleon of famed animal farm,
Call me the Joker, with his goofy smiley,
Or anything that catch your fancy,
For I care only for your pretty smile
And the memories they bring to me


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A slope of rounded hills
Black against the horizon
Threatening the sun with its fierce thrust
With thin clouds streaking across the sky


The clouds underbellies glow reddish hue
The morning warmth fighting the heady moon
Wide plains stretched, savannah grass paradise
Sometimes lonely trees stand with the yellow grass

Ancient, raw, the scattered lights slowly gather together
The city below, and the hills standing guard like a soldier
Listen now, the Tsetse may disturb mornings peace
But the heat will come soon with her perfect grease
The road are shaded by thick groves of Eucalyptus and Vines
And the human settlement; houses, huts are all intertwined

Smell of ripe fruit romance the market ways
Tomatoes gutted, grapes squashed on the clay
And when the hills let the sun quietly rise above them
It was gold- unexplainable, like the lifecycle of a worm

Again, like the humble Queen risen from a sleep
Came the sun from the lands of the unknown deep
Smiling at the ones she had left to her solitary slumber
She leaves all, fauna, flora to a graceful wonder

Now there is light, the brown Earth bright
And on all things old, the sun shines her gold

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Poetry Challenge by Robin Bliss

When the Moon Dies and the Wind Cries.
Oh! April what can you bring?
The final blow;death to Summer?
Even though it’s warm and dry.
I know that this warmth is false.
Ah! Fickle month filled with lies.
For this warmth means death.
Pretending that all is well.

But! Soon the icy coldness comes,
And Winter lurks in the shadows.
The dying leaves are testimony,
To your cruelness even the moon dies,
And the howling wind cries alas,alas.
The birds leave or shelter deeper,
In their nests,fluffing their feathers.

And so silently the end of joys.
Approach;But! this I know, surely,
Our love my dearest,my lover and wife.
Our love will flourish and burn,
Even more brightly,this Winter.
For true love cannot be put out,
By coldness or freezing rain.

Let the moon die and the wind cry,
Howling around the house outside.
For I know that with the Springtime,
Golden Wattles will bloom again,
And the lovers moon will be shining,
And our souls will rejoice once more.
For we are one forever.

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City Life by Robin N Bliss

Tall,towering up so high
Glass towers touch the sky
Man made canyons concrete,stone
There the wind funnels mourn n’moan
People hurry push and shove
No time here for thing like love
Neon signs glowing bright
They are such a colourful sight

Buildings forming angles sharp
Here and there,there is a park
Cars and buses grind and roar
So much traffic more and more
Sunlight reflecting off the glass
Clouds form patterns as they pass
And the buskers entertain
But,see the homeless in their pain

See the man in tattered clothes
Shuffling on wards as he goes
See the man in business suit
For he doesn’t give a hoot
For the poor and homeless man
We know he doesn’t give a damn
And so the city life goes on
From the night until the dawn

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The sun may hide

The sun may hide for a while
But faith is our fortitude and citadel

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Love is a beautiful journey in your eyes,
You cook all day to feed our hungry selves
And you eat only when we’re satisfied,
Our first teacher, lover and my citadel
You are a hero, you are my hero!

Your love is restraint and inspiration
Like the hen, sheltering chicks with her wings,
You teach our hearts the world’s rhythm
So I sing for you, in my heart anytime I see you;
Mama you are a hero, you are truly my hero!!


It’s Mothers Week in my local church, Methodist Church Nigeria. I felt I could do a line or two to express my warm feelings for mothers. Happy Mothers Week to my super mom, Helen Iroegbu, to every woman who had contributed to my growth and mothers all over the globe. You all will continue to be our first love.

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To my First Grays

You make me look old
Like the folktales I told
I wish away old age
But they say gray is sage
I feel happy warmth,
When I muse over it

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Galaxies shine,
Cloudy night they belong
Sea breeze play with waves

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My Friend, the Free Wind

I like that I soak in the rain,
Catching water drops
That melt before my eyes
I play with Nature’s gifts,
Dancing with the wind,
My free, worthy friend!
Rejoicing when our pots fill
To embrace mother Nature’s bliss

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Beauty is the ladybird
Waking in the midst of dew
To enjoy a quiet and lonely walk

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Self Reflection 12: Patience

The law of sowing and reaping may take time to manifest sometimes, but it will surely come to pass.

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Muse: My friend

You my friend is wild,
Yet your acquaintance is mild

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Remember the setting sun will rise,
Tomorrow will become yesterday
And life must definitely find a way

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Muse: Even Though…

Let me hold your hands, look into your eyes & sing,
For even though I fail sometimes, I love you still

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Muse: Thoughts of You

Nights may fall, crickets may call,
I sit alone, thinking of you

Nature Poetry

Muse: Promise

I’ll be far away,
Promise you wait for me

Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry Series

Love Challenge 9B

Just call on my name, I’ll be there
To show you how much I care

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The Cricket’s Sorrow

I laid my bones down to rest
An airy night, dark and quiet,
When a thought swept over me
I was still awake
When I heard it
I heard it screech
A cold voice, not far from me
I paused, listened
A neighbor coughed from the next flat and bothered it
So quietness stayed for a while

Another screech
I kept mute to hear it speak…

Ihttttcchh, what a painful world,
A disturbed place, a confused one,
Less trees, lesser shrubs
Less green places for little fauns
Dark places, carbon profits
Hotter days and nights
And yet all they do is sit
To clamour for more wealth!’

I could feel her pain
I could almost touch it
I see myself in her shoes

And wonder what may become
Of this beautiful Earth


Dedicated to those who genuinely fight to keep the Earth from dying and to all trees and shrubs in the forests, that still sustain human life, everywhere, anywhere.

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Love Challenge 3

The swift surge of the evening air
Compares not to your amazing smile
Your glittering teeth, oh splendor of my soul

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Elegy to you, Peace

I remember your smiles dear sister,
Your struggle to live in this pathetic world,
Your last smile and when you slept in peace
I glad that your pains are no more
Though I miss you and we may live alone
I still see tree leaves fall from the window side,
Sitted on the lawns that you fell upon
I see regrets pick through the grass
While soft winds play rush in the hospital
But you, you are no more to smile for me
And watch nature play before our eyes

I shall fear no more for your pain, adieu

Hello everyone. I lost my sister, Peace Iroegbu, yesterday night to an accident. I haven’t been myself lately and can’t concentrate on my work. Please include me in your prayers.


The Waterfall: Sounds of Water

I stand to listen to you, sounds of water,
When birds fly above the green shroud
And small fish glide in the green current
When the waterfall sing a proud song

Mother Nature sings and wash her garments on rocks,
Happy girls and boys wash and sang along
Pigeons, egrets, partridges and wild ducks
All swim or wade through the calm music

Sounds of water brings to all a merry feeling,
Blue and grey clouds may stay to listen too
And for the villagers, it’s a comforting song
One, proudly written and sung by Nature herself


Four Poems

(i.) The Moon
The Moon is following me
And with her light I see
Wherever I walk she stalks;
Behind my shadow she follows
And how she sweeps the land
Looking for me in the quiet clan
(ii.) Village Square
The nights dancing festival
Brings all, big and small
The farmer, the wine tapper
The cobbler and the dancer
A night of skewered meat
And one, were lovers meet
(iii.) The candlelight
See how her pretty light flickers
Throwing the light on my papers
Like a tongue of fire
She seeks to be admired
For even the wind has come
To rest and get some warmth
(iv.) The dancer
The drums beat hard

When she strod forward
Swerving about like a mad maiden
In a big and crowded man-full den
Dancing to the cat-calls, the desires, the drunk men
And for all that cared to come watch or listen

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Haiku of the Harmattan

Green things are brown
Harmattan made them so
Even trees turn mad dancers

Africa Nature Poetry

Harmattan winds

Harmattans graceful blankets slowly descend,
Blowing dry brown dust upon our hamlet,
On misty mornings and smoky evenings

Nature Poetry

Dance in the Rain

Let’s dance in the rain
Throw our worries to the wind
Raise your hands
And dodge my water blow,
Gather the rain water
Return my punch
Let this flow turn to dance

When clouds gather
That’s a great sign-
It must be the rain!
Or the comely evening
But let’s wait,
If it’s the rain’s herald
Will you dance with me?

Now the wind has come
Flirty-distracting breeze
First drop and another,
A little storm and showers
Yet, I’m King of the rain fight
And I’ll make you my Queen
If you would dance with me


Haiku: Sunset

Grey shades fall on the land, fast travels the sun through the clouds
Songs of slumber, dog barks, the airy evening’s last memories,
Time to wake all night creatures, crawling or walking


Haiku: Smile Beautiful Flower

Smile beautiful flower
Let your tissues and petals
Bring warmth to all that see

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Muse: Evening Rain

Hear the clouds rumble, for it rains again
Soft breezes from the quiet evening
Come drumming, mildly on the pan,
The rooftop has got a companion

Up this ancient forested hills
The trees dance and twist
To songs from the Winds tongues
From the pond, the back-up frog choir get set,
Waiting for their master, Lightning to herald the start
Now the sweet breeze sweep through the hilly hamlet
In search of eyes, to take with her to Sleep’s wonder land

Nature Pastoral Poetry

Haiku: A Summer Walk

Take a summer stroll down the green bush
Find three squirrels play by fallen tree logs
Splash! A frightened frog jumps into the quiet pond

Love and Christianity Poetry

Muse: For you…

Light will be my sweet, loving words
With your faith I will stand my ground,
For when I look into your pretty grey eyes
I behold a warrior, your happiest desire!

You are my delicate flower bud
For you, I will sing and stand guard
Songs, poetry and lavender perfumes,
All my muse, my all to make your joy blossom
My happiness flow endlessly, like the swift running river
Let this happiness put smiles on your pretty face forever


God as Poetry Editor By David Thane Cornell

He dips His pen in the black hole of night
To recover an image and give it more light
Sometimes He uses a digital pad
Revising the first idea He had
Editing in and out of time
Honing the meter and smoothing the rhyme
He deftly spells and abbreviates
Cities, town, mountains and lakes
The metaphor of His master plan
Is hand to God and God to man
And when the poets have had their say
He folds them, with love, away


From The House Where Winter Begins, Poems by David Thane Cornell. ©️ 2011



Is this art not beautiful? I really celebrate this piece. Thank you David Thane Cornell.


Morning sun

Spreading her white net,

Morning wakes to her duties

Gathering fresh scent

From flowers and dew

She casts upon the clouds

Heavenly paintings

A creation, perfect and mild

One gift given to man