A Tale of Fantasia


There’s a land far far away
Somewhere any good traveller can reach
A strong march thru fields of green and yellow wheat
Which on it hides, flesh eating Ostriches
And undisturbed monitors fighting to get a bite of flesh
A sky that changes apparitions when stirred
Across the long deep oceans
With sea monsters, cucumbers huge as a baby whale
And fishes with huge eyes and teeth
Hunting and scaring, even the bravest of men
And thru the vast lonely desert
And dangerous dunes of the East
Lays the gigantic sand scorpions
With poisonous and alluring cactus
Along its way lay tracks of seductive women
Who tie hijabs, like the Arabian ladies
Mocking the travellers with black painted eyes
Luring them into the lairs of great slave owners
All march and seek, Fantasia
As an old drunk sitting on an inn
Sings all day, telling the tales he had seen
Of great deeds of merry men
Who had crossed all odds
To see this enchanted land
To behold the land where ladies dance
Laughing as the men call out their desires
Allowing the rhythm of the song move their hand bracelets
And enjoying the attraction they get from all
This man sang of a very proud cloud
Which is benevolent, and caring
Rains when there is a heartbreak on lovers
Shines brightly when the cold hands of the Wind comes
And allows the green to shed the lands and fields
Fountains of waters lie here and there
The sweet smelling fragrances of Lilies
The crawling Vine showing off her yellow fruits
White cattle with udders heavy with milk
Stray about looking for a handy help
And all across the land stand all kinds of trees
Life given shrubs, well groomed and grown
The bees make honey, and cares not who steals it
The sun is mild, at least till the Windy villain comes
The land is naturally terraced, built with a touch of magic
And beauty that beats human doings by fringes
The black clouds rain strong ale,
And the snow are soft raisins
The streams are flowing wine
Which invites the drunks to sit by and dine
The banks are lined with strange bread cakes

And if a traveller happens to come by
With his company, horses, men; wary and weak
Then all their journey miseries they forget
For a taste of Fantasia, relieves the mind

Oiroegbu Halls

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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