The Stream, Kpere

Then I heard your drift,
Flowing through the forest
Washing men’s nakedness…

When there was love
When on the stream side I sit
Trying to peer thru the tall shrubs
I saw the white clouds
Clear as the sweet spring water
Leaping in joyful haste,
In boundless ecstasy
Washing the little rocks
Pulling pebbles along
Giving a taste to the hungry soil
Pushing the brown crab about
Carrying all, even a stray serpent
The clannish green ferns
Nodding towards one another
Wave always with the streams tide
Enjoying the serene acre
Of all green abundance
Further ahead, the swift current
Pours off the rocky waterfalls
A tamed forest of some sort
The birds call from the treetops
Partridges, passing pigeons and Hawks
Howling from the vast bush
All admiring the sight, perhaps
Which can not be accustomed to
Each day the stream side
Look renewed and the greens fresher
The tendrils of the bamboo soft
And the heap of huge rocks
Standing, a giant monument
The fishes in the stream
Swim about like mock kings,
Sometimes turtles come around
Sluggish, looking tired, even
When nothing they must have done
But the waters flow on
In joyful haste and ecstasy

The Kpere stream is in Umudinja, Ovim in Nigeria. Umudinja itself is a growing town and has several communities. The stream area harbors big rocks and exotic species of flora and reptiles. It is a fine distance from human dwelling.
Childhood memories include seeing dangerous reptiles of different sizes on the stream side, mostly snakes. The fishes are not eaten, and some are as big as a mans two hands combined! The stream serves many communities as water source, but with the coming of the pipe borne water it has been abandoned and wild animals like hyena, wild dogs and pythons are said to have been sighted in the vicinity and the near forests.

Oiroegbu Halls

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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