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Namaqualand, Beautiful Namibia

I see light fell from the sky
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Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni New Show

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Visit Africa.

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Africa education folklore lifestyle Nature Pastoral

Good morning Africa

Thank you for reminding me of your beauty Africa. #Africanimages

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Africa folklore lifestyle Nature Pastoral

Self Reflection 3: Focus

Focus and reflect.


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Africa culture/tradition folklore lifestyle Nature Pastoral Series

Beautiful South Africa

Take a moment and breath… 💙💚🌺🌻

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Africa culture/tradition folklore Nature Pastoral

Dramatic sky over Kalahari

Africa education Nature Pastoral

Golden Savannah images

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Dust of Locust with Steven M Ross

Okechukwu Iroegbu:

A dark patch I saw from afar
On a day the doors were left ajar
A falling mist upon earth
Greysome; a sight I loath
The sun had seen much
For I, never seen such

Steven M Ross:

Sunlight still prevail
Every emotion that you feel
Like poetry is a bust
So does the wind
Blow the dust
Nature’s beauty is still unchanged
Like the fresh smell
Of a perfumed flower fragrance
Love put you in a trance
With every thought
You will dance
As if its autumn
And leaf fall in circles
From a branch
So much is your eye-sight advanced


Commentary: I had written this poem with a friend, Steven Ross (Cape Town, South Africa) earlier this year; January 1 & 2… The first part was mine while he wrote the second stanza.


Three Poems: The Waterfalls, Peace and Your Love

The Waterfalls:
I tell the trees of your sounds and they are jealous
When you fall, birds and the wild stop to listen,
To hear Nature sing while she wash her garment in your mist

Bird songs, butterflies, sun rays and peace,
All are fruits from the green forest,
Nature’s providence to mankind

Your Love:
Your Love has taken over me
Now I come to You with nothing,
For with You I become everything!


African Proverbs 3

Consider this proverb for the day: What has horns must not be hid in a sack.

– Zulu (South African) Proverb

Explanation: Something’s are not meant to said or done in the public. This is an African version of the English saying “Don’t wash dirty linen outside”.

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Visit Africa: Gaborone

If you love nature, then you should visit Bostwana. There’s a lot of Game and Nature reserves in this country, trust me, you won’t get enough of wildlife sighting here.

We’ll be checking out the capital city; Gaborone, a beautiful town in my ‘to visit list’.

Gaborone is known for the Gaborone Game Reserve, sheltering native animals like wildebeest and impala, plus resident and migratory birds. To the city’s southwest, rhinos and giraffes inhabit the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Footpaths lead to city views at the summit of Kgale Hill. In the city center, the National Museum and Art Gallery displays art and cultural artifacts. Heard of the Kalahari Desert? It’s not far from the city.

Gaborone has over 400, 000 people living in and around it. With it’s proximity to South Africa the local economy thrives on foreign exchange. There are many solid minerals in Botswana and this fetch handsome income for the government. Also, the tourism is a major earner for the government. English is the official language and Tswana is widely spoken too. There are more than 10 languages spoken in the country.

Gaborone offers a lot of fun, luxury and entertainment. There’s diverse wildlife, amazing countrysides and the Tswana people are hospitable. Bostwana is peaceful and beautiful in every way. If you’re planning to visit Africa, put Gaborone in the list. Maybe our paths will cross. Till then, so long!


Dear South Africa

Righteousness exalts a nation.

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Why you should visit Africa 2

Do you find happiness and healing in natural things? Do you get inspiration from your natural environment? Do you like hanging out with the wild and getting blessed with views of a beautiful land? Maybe you love to watch the young deer gallivant through the Veldt. Then a visit to Africa will do.

I, for instance find inspiration for my writing when I travel to the countryside. The tranquility, people, scenario and diversity is enough inspiration and will surely thrill you! There’s always something to write about in Africa.

If you go for Safari, take a camera with you. Take many images or videos as you can. Because whatever you see is not something seen on a regular day! Feel free, enjoy the woods and wild. But do not venture away from your company. Wild animals may be on the prowl.

The most famous African Safari locations is in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Southern African countries. Infact the East of Africa has many game reserves, parks and zoological gardens. Masai Mara in Kenya is popular and hosts many visitors each year. There’s some nature parks in West Africa. The Yankari Game reserve is situated in Nigeria.

If you go to South Africa, you can even ride Ostriches and play with Cheetahs! Several countries have these wildlife protected and can sanction anyone who poach or steal from the Nature reserves. So remember not to take anything away, without permission.

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There’s many animal species here. Some are native to Africa, that is you can’t see them elsewhere! Watch out for Lion prides, for towers of Giraffes, entourage of Elephants, Monkeys and more. You might stay through the night. What you see is what is shown in NatGeoWild, just that this will be the live version!

Africa is surely, a land of diversity. There’s so much to do. So try to have fun when you visit Africa. Trust me, Africa is an amazing place and you won’t regret coming.


Note: Nature as an African


Mother Nature is an African. I say this because I have seen why. Africa is unrivaled in wildlife species and variety. I have had an Ostrich tower over me back then in Ondo state of Nigeria and I have met the Hyena which could have passed for a demon with her red eyes and big fury head and that was in Songhai Zoological Gardens. I have seen some quails and came so close to an African python! I have seen several species of crocodiles; the West African Dwarf Crocodile and the Nile,  the civet, boars, tortoise, turtles, giant rats, all sorts of rodents, snakes,  hundreds of different monkeys, wild dogs, hundreds of birds particularly the peacock, egret, falcon, parrots and the crown bird. I have seen many animals and plants which I might not recollect their names and places I met them.

Now I have climbed hills and traveled thru thick forests. I have witnessed a first hand experience of an African village and spent my time living in the rural. I have seen and bathed in waterfalls and her sparkling waters that washed down the valleys.

I hope to see even more…

If you visit Africa to see these wonders, trust me you will be glad you did.