Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Dust of Locust with Steven M Ross

Okechukwu Iroegbu:

A dark patch I saw from afar
On a day the doors were left ajar
A falling mist upon earth
Greysome; a sight I loath
The sun had seen much
For I, never seen such

Steven M Ross:

Sunlight still prevail
Every emotion that you feel
Like poetry is a bust
So does the wind
Blow the dust
Nature’s beauty is still unchanged
Like the fresh smell
Of a perfumed flower fragrance
Love put you in a trance
With every thought
You will dance
As if its autumn
And leaf fall in circles
From a branch
So much is your eye-sight advanced


Commentary: I had written this poem with a friend, Steven Ross (Cape Town, South Africa) earlier this year; January 1 & 2… The first part was mine while he wrote the second stanza.

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