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Visit Africa: Gaborone

If you love nature, then you should visit Bostwana. There’s a lot of Game and Nature reserves in this country, trust me, you won’t get enough of wildlife sighting here.

We’ll be checking out the capital city; Gaborone, a beautiful town in my ‘to visit list’.

Gaborone is known for the Gaborone Game Reserve, sheltering native animals like wildebeest and impala, plus resident and migratory birds. To the city’s southwest, rhinos and giraffes inhabit the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Footpaths lead to city views at the summit of Kgale Hill. In the city center, the National Museum and Art Gallery displays art and cultural artifacts. Heard of the Kalahari Desert? It’s not far from the city.

Gaborone has over 400, 000 people living in and around it. With it’s proximity to South Africa the local economy thrives on foreign exchange. There are many solid minerals in Botswana and this fetch handsome income for the government. Also, the tourism is a major earner for the government. English is the official language and Tswana is widely spoken too. There are more than 10 languages spoken in the country.

Gaborone offers a lot of fun, luxury and entertainment. There’s diverse wildlife, amazing countrysides and the Tswana people are hospitable. Bostwana is peaceful and beautiful in every way. If you’re planning to visit Africa, put Gaborone in the list. Maybe our paths will cross. Till then, so long!

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