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Self Reflection 3: Focus

Focus and reflect.


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2 replies on “Self Reflection 3: Focus”

So, your poetry is nearly perfect, and so are your tellings of tribal stories, but I see what you mean about finding an editor for your stories of humans. The difference is very subtle, and I myself worked with something very much like it when I was ghostwriting for Kenya’s Dr. Reul Gatheru. I’ve noticed this same subtle difference in one or two other writers from your continent, and so believe it’s probably just a matter of habitual phrasing differences between cultures.
My best advice is, I’d say, in order to get your beautiful messages appreciated by the rest of the world, probably you’ll do best for this particular purpose with an editor also from a place outside Africa. It’s a tiny piece of advice, but it does come from experience in the field. I hope it helps!

Respectful greetings, and a very good day to you .

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