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8 August: Birthday Wish

Birthdays are rare
They come once in a year

Unique Birthday: A set of Eights!

Ah, it’s today. 8th day of 8th month of the year 2020. I usually write poems or stories to celebrate but this year’s birthday is unique. So instead of a poem I’ll muse about the actual numbers that made my birthdate special. My birth certificate reads that I was born on 8.24 AM in the year 198*. Even the minutes are multiples of 8, haha! If I had to scribble out my birthdate it will read thus: 8.24 AM, 8/8/8*. One princess from the United Kingdom share exactly this day with me.

How do I feel?

‘So how does it feel to be a year older?’ a close friend had asked me over the phone. I knew it was a rhetorical question meant to reflect on what I’ve done with my time and self since the last birthday. Normally I would have said I feel nothing since the question focused on my self. Personal achievements are not a yardstick to measure overall success.

‘I feel special. I feel alive. I feel fulfilled and I hope for better things to come, not just for me but for every good person.’ To be honest this is what I feel, at least for these past few months. The year 2020 had been a tough one. It brought death, disease, drought, and man-made disaster. Poverty is still at large. Many lost loved ones. I lost a sister, an uncle and some relatives and friends. The lessons I picked broke the mirror called self. I started engaging in humanitarian work and volunteering online for charities, foundations and organizations. This threw me out of my introvert shell. I met great people who had become a strong network. The opportunities I sought before the pandemic came calling and I grabbed them with both hands. I’m glad to be helping other people with my talents, no matter how little. That’s what I count as real achievement.

So I won’t dwell or reflect on my personal success. If I do, I’ll say I achieved very little this past year.

Birthday wish

What do you wish for? This is the big birthday question. No one can give an appropriate answer in one response. At the moment, it’s futile to wish for some things. Nevertheless, I’m just happy to see others happy and successful.

So I make this wish for myself today; for longlife to continue in service to my faith, my nation and humanity, for prosperity to help the impoverished, destitute and be the voice of the voiceless, and for success to inspire children and other youth around the world. Finally, I wish that the world may know tolerance, peace and love. I wish myself a happy birthday.

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To my First Grays

You make me look old
Like the folktales I told
I wish away old age
But they say gray is sage
I feel happy warmth,
When I muse over it

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Rusty ID

Earlier today, I found a rusty high school ID of me. I even dreamed to work for FBI as a little boy! 😀

All these while, I never knew I was the Batman. 😊


Thoughts on Africa:

My name is Okechukwu. I’m a Math teacher and I’m the brain behind I’m from Isuikwuato in Nigeria. I enjoy writing. I love watching wildlife and playing Sudoku.

Initially, was a poetry blog, but was modified to accommodate other thoughts, personal experiences and places I’ve been to. Hopefully, I’ll start traveling more, to collect stories, tales and images. I believe that we can use stories, tales and poems to bring positive change to the society. We’re all connected, by stories.

Africa is a beautiful place with rich story-telling traditions. My aim is to revive stories that are lost or forgotten. Sometimes my thought and writing will swing the way of life virtues, leadership and personal experiences.

I’m open to suggestions and corrections. Please feel free to contact me.


A Tale of the Wild Woods: Cold world

When the last winter snow melted
Several things had changed
The tree leaves had less dew
And the tree roots hid in the sand
The skies were dark blue,
Drawing images of floating clouds
Few birds came sailing through the sky
Larks, Swallows, Parrots and Cuckoos
Danced in the clear skies
And from the mist, the Mountain stood
With her was several tree species
Which found joy from the many nutrients
That lay all around the mighty giant
Herbs and bushes grow on the fertile soil
And many fauns found solace in the quietness
Then came flying a little Bluebird
Singing loudly as she went
“Oh what a pretty green place!” She sang
“And how happy the world seem in summer!”
A burrow rat looked up to the tree branch
Where the pretty bird sat and smirked
“Do you think about the wee-aather at all?”
He asked, stressing the word- weather
“I am concerned with the beauty that surround me”
The pretty bird sang in a sweet kind voice
“The weather has always been cold, very cold
If you are unaware, the Winter witch is gone,
The sinister Cold, crazy winds, the Avalanche
With her!” She said excitedly
The rat sat thinking about her words
And couldn’t make any sense of them
“Well, I ask do you not think about the weather?”
The little bird made a move to fly away
For a huge Hawk came circling but turned in the air
“I am not interested in the weather,
It has always been cold, the world is cold
In plenty and in nothingness
In the heart and outside of it
And so in winter or in summer!”
With those words the bird flew away


I’m coming home, with Deborah Nnagbo

1. Dn

I’m coming home,dear forgotten land.
For I’ve wandered so far away in the dungeon of life,
So far away I journeyed into the rusted past.
I picked pebbles of zeal and sealed my fears,
I traveled far from home searching for hope
Beside the faded branches of loss and pain
I was blinded by the deceptive smiles of the sons of men
And the alluring grimaces of pretentious souls
Now my heart yearns to return

2. Oi

When the stars shine, I know they come to show the way
Drawing my paths on the Earth that always held my legs
I set out,
I set out to meet you, traveling with the sun behind me
Casting the shadows of my past before me
I sing with delight, when your memories come to me
Even then, I make haste when I happen to think of you
When the days travel by, I sit to recall the Winds of memory
In her songs, I learn of my own joy of homecoming

3. Dn

Now,when the shadows of the unele trees,
Standing at the gate of hope can faintly be seen
And the unruly sun with terror pierce my calm eyes
I could only but imagine the distance of my home
The paths stretching to the lonely Eden.
My pride,my glory
My little chamber of joy
My heroic nest of aspirations
My world,my everything

4. Oi
Oh great land, my father land!
My land, which I left for long!
Ala oma! Aladinma!!
Your length and breadth beckon to me
You throw embraces to me through the wind
You whisper my name and I long for you
You paint the skies light blue when I travel to you
And when the great day ends I am almost at your doorstep

5. Dn

Yes! The tired roads of hope did bid me return.
The sun,the wind and the sturdy trees did whisper,
To my melancholy soul,sweet wordings of hope…
“There are still milk in the land,
Great treasurers still lies untouched”
There’s air for my choking heart to feed on.
My broken toes can be mended again.
And the long lost smile shall reappear,
Like the son of man on the 3rd day.

6. Oi

Oh great land, would you forget me now I have come?
Tell me what have happened since I went away?
What about the palm wine, can I still get a bowlful?
If the rains fall with the thunder and lightning,
Can we still run around and flirt with the cold rain?
The children will tell me what I have missed
The men will invite me to drink the local gin
And the girls will giggle when they see the boy from town

7. Dn

Tell the wind blowing mama’s wrapper apart to stop.
Tell that fierce sun to calm its temper,
For the prodigy has remembered.
The glory that litters in the garden,
The sweet aroma of passion.
And so shall I gather pieces of my broken parts.
I would craw,limp, walk,jump,run,and fly if need be.
For this world is no strangers paradise.
I’m coming home

8. Oi
And at last oh great land
I come home to thee
Basking in my own pride
Eating fruits which I see
Each morning I wake
The feeling will be new
And for your sake
I will make my love true


I have done a collabo with another poet friend of mine, Deborah Nnagbo. This would not be my first time hosting her here. She writes mildly and creatively. Her stanzas are signed Dn at each beginnings and mine signed Oi. We welcome your thoughts.


Unele trees: species of trees growing in the tropics. Unele perhaps is the native name

Ala oma, Aladinma: Igbo language for Great land, good and fertile land.


Muse: Imaginations

First, it is good to know everyone has got the ability to imagine

Whether you keep thoughts of failure or dream of a great win,

All is possible and our minds must accept that which it is fed with

Now if you must fly watch the Cranes, watch also the clouds,

If you must swim watch the Barracuda and the water current

If you must dance, watch the wriggling worms and the mantis

Is there anything you seek, that man hath not taken from Nature?

The iron snake panting and puffing smoke run thru tunnels and bridges

Jets fly in echelon, the clouds their home and glad training ground

Now cars have four legs; of roaming land animals

And the bicycles maybe mock the chicken

Books grow from great ideas, these ideas from experiences

Or yet, from ‘thoughts of creation’ which was formerly inexistent

All represent mans’ imaginations recreated from Natures beauty


Soul of Poetry

” Poetry haunts my soul
Poetry flies thru the thickets,
On a hot desert drive
Daring the mamba to come dance
With the cunny hawks hovering the sky”

Masked tribesmen bother the Lions sleep, huuthuut- hututu
Down the thickets of the bushland strange music of the birds play

They sing, they say…

Wai-oo, wai-oo take me home, fly away

Songs of happy children, rendition of a thousand bullfrogs
The choir of Natures solemnity, grace the quiet darkness

Meanwhile the shepherds sleep, the nights waste

Man, flora, fauna and spirits, all try to rest

To lands tucked away in far places, where the cultures differ
Stay ladies who dance with hands on their slim waists

They swirl, they turn, all in fine haste

To make fun, they laugh at the mens restlessness…


Hospitality as Love

Genesis 18.2


The world can only stand when we learn to love

The culture and philosophy of live and let live

Teaches us to live while letting others live

Let the Eagle perch, let also the Kite perch

None should forbid the other from perching

The love we give returns to us in some other ways

It might not in gold or silver bars, not like our expectations

It might not even come to us, but to our unborn generations

Let a garden signify love now,

A fine well tended garden

The gardener cares for the flowers and shrubs

He gives consideration to visiting birds

Dove, Pigeons, Cuckoo, Egret, Fisher and others

He throws them bread crumbs and peanuts

And finds delight in their well being

He also allows the worms, flies and bees visit

Making sure that these fellows are safe from the birds

To the worms he leaves a pile of tree leaves

And to the bees and flies he lets do their will

He watches the squirrel relocate to his trees

And feels joyful to accommodate them all

He lets passersby embrace the scent of his garden

Without these people, birds, insects and earth

There will be absolutely no sense in keeping a garden

Hospitality is another way of sharing love

Be welcoming…

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Gods Love Endures: A Happy Birthday to me

”…Goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the House of the Lord for ever and ever, amen.”

From the rising to the setting sun
Gods love endures forever and ever
In the warm summer or cold winter
And by His Grace we are winners!
Let the weak wake, the also the slumber
Give thanks, give thanks to Jehovah
His Love endures forever and ever

Give thanks to God, our Nissi,
Forever God is faithful to me
Join me reverence His majesty
For He has shown to me mercy
Grace and blessings follow me
The One Who gave my heart poetry

Today, August 8th is my birthday. I give glory to God for letting me behold another beautiful day. Recalling each year of growth, made possible only by GRACE I acknowledge Him. It is about Jehovahs mercies. Join me celebrate and by Gods Grace we shall carry on.


A son of the hamlet

I was born and bred in a big city
But nought interests me
More than a quiet life
Which the serene hamlets give

I was the king of the jungle
With maidservants and menservants
And a great sand house
Filled with sand-made yams
Commanding the mango fruit
To fall for my noon delight
And the skies turn dark blue
So that it would rain heavily

The moonlit nights are firecrackers
I sent them into the sky on a mission
To excite me with their noise and bangs
The streams flow as I dip my foot to stop her
She mocks my sovereignty, laughing heartily
The green forest full of trees are silent
I thought I did tell them to keep quiet!
I have eaten the Murringas’ seedlings
I have chopped up the Pumpkin skin
I even has slain snakes
Which infiltrated my farmland
I have climbed the Guava
And the mango and Cashew
I slayed a chipmunk
Which ate the fabrics in the house
Oh, I was a warrior!
Yes I was
I Swam the shallow rivers
And caught a big crab

Now here again I happen,
I happen upon these cities again
But the only true place I ever loved
Was this life which I desire when I am
A thousand miles away from township
And her strange faces of hustle bustle

The poet vividly paints a picture of his past times and experiences in the village and rural areas. The piece suggests just one thing: he truly adores a quiet and pastoral countryside lifestyle.


I am: Three poems of Okechukwu Iroegbu

Hail the sun rises!
Down from the hidden hills
And up to the white clouds
The rains has come upon us
And Mother Natures romance has begun

I am a rainmaker
For the days are stuffy and hot
And to the cold rains we must go
I am a painter
For each morning my mind is awoken
To the wonderful hues before me
I am a farmer
For my passion for the Wild
Can’t be imagined or measured
I am a singer
For I sing songs in my heart
And when the Wind sings, I with her
I am a tale teller
For these stories are mild
And in the night, a lullaby it is
I am a poet
For each day turn to nights
And I realise that the pen has got a might
I am a lover
For nothing else spoils the world
But uncontrolled love…
I am Okechukwu Iroegbu
A common man of many deeds
But to Jehovah I owe it all

The sun sets before my eyes,
Night throws her veil on earth
The breezes travel south
And on their pathways
They play lyrics of sooth
And within, without
I see how lucky I am
To have your unfailing love


Musing: To a Future…

“Open the windows of your heart
See the wonders outside; besides you”

I like to write this for you, dear
For memoirs of what we share
And as the last days drew near
A moment of truth, I can swear

I care for all which come to me
The butterflies which fine colors I see
And the Sparrows which fly to the Sea
And in all; to me, I will always be me

“The clouds are blue up the Heavens
A fine prize for those who care to love”

Within, without but my love is for charity
I will never claim any right or authority
I get all muddled at times, love is also piety
For it does not come from looks or prosperity

I always have very little to say
I have found it, now I know the way
Strong winds flush about, on me it plays
Scoffing at my face when I try to look away

“Say always words of encour,
Save the young hydras’ neck”

I keep trying to reach and talk to you
Each time you seem to be busy Iroegbu
And then you told me you will be good
I went my way, so I hope you would

Not for me, nay, no, not anymore
I dislike inconsistency, it’s an eyesore
But faith, believe, trust and care all allures
Talk to me, but do not hasten to my door

“Do not fall prey to the Bear
For her manner of dinner is queer”

I felt your heart beat happily when we hugged
We complained for it lasted only for a few seconds
A memoir, desire and longing that in my quiet self, long ago lived
But to my books and future, to You Jehovahs word; I lovely wed

But then I will always be myself in the end
And to these bright future, flowers I shall send
For I have seen it all, I have seen the Lions den
And I shall say goodbye, just by the rivers bend

I muse from this quietness in my soul and the comfort of my dear bed…


Start new, 2016

Seeing this fresh new year
Reminds of how dear
We are to God, Almighty
From the jungles of East Africa
To the snowy lands of Canada
Arise, be blessed, be lifted!
From the sands of Arabia
To the icy terrains of Russia
Let joy be-filled in your dealings
And from the cold nights to come
Even as the suns scorch come
Do not falter, for all is new
Let hope arise as the sun wakes
Carry on, be glad for life’s sake
You saw the start of something great
And at the end
We all acknowledge the Lords deed
For His power alone kept us
Let your voices sing, “we made it” thank God!
For all this while, He has made all new and blessed”

Now this piece I dedicate to you all my readers and followers, without you writing would make little sense to me. I can’t mention all the names but I want you all to know I appreciate. Let us share information; help each other with writing opportunities and contest notifications and fly higher this year.

It is New Year! And as they say New Year, New Life and New Resolution. I strongly encourage everyone to be diligent, to be good, to live in peace with fellow men and in all to work harder. It never late to start something new. Never fear to fall, for in falling you discover a new way of doing something. Have the courage to dare, to try and to dream. The future belongs to us all. Happy new and blessed 2016 to you all.

Oke- Iroegbu



August says hi to you all
It says keep your ears close
Closer to his warm chest
And you shall know
How happy he is to meet you!

Have a swell Month and August 8th is my birth day!