I’m coming home, with Deborah Nnagbo

1. Dn

I’m coming home,dear forgotten land.
For I’ve wandered so far away in the dungeon of life,
So far away I journeyed into the rusted past.
I picked pebbles of zeal and sealed my fears,
I traveled far from home searching for hope
Beside the faded branches of loss and pain
I was blinded by the deceptive smiles of the sons of men
And the alluring grimaces of pretentious souls
Now my heart yearns to return

2. Oi

When the stars shine, I know they come to show the way
Drawing my paths on the Earth that always held my legs
I set out,
I set out to meet you, traveling with the sun behind me
Casting the shadows of my past before me
I sing with delight, when your memories come to me
Even then, I make haste when I happen to think of you
When the days travel by, I sit to recall the Winds of memory
In her songs, I learn of my own joy of homecoming

3. Dn

Now,when the shadows of the unele trees,
Standing at the gate of hope can faintly be seen
And the unruly sun with terror pierce my calm eyes
I could only but imagine the distance of my home
The paths stretching to the lonely Eden.
My pride,my glory
My little chamber of joy
My heroic nest of aspirations
My world,my everything

4. Oi
Oh great land, my father land!
My land, which I left for long!
Ala oma! Aladinma!!
Your length and breadth beckon to me
You throw embraces to me through the wind
You whisper my name and I long for you
You paint the skies light blue when I travel to you
And when the great day ends I am almost at your doorstep

5. Dn

Yes! The tired roads of hope did bid me return.
The sun,the wind and the sturdy trees did whisper,
To my melancholy soul,sweet wordings of hope…
“There are still milk in the land,
Great treasurers still lies untouched”
There’s air for my choking heart to feed on.
My broken toes can be mended again.
And the long lost smile shall reappear,
Like the son of man on the 3rd day.

6. Oi

Oh great land, would you forget me now I have come?
Tell me what have happened since I went away?
What about the palm wine, can I still get a bowlful?
If the rains fall with the thunder and lightning,
Can we still run around and flirt with the cold rain?
The children will tell me what I have missed
The men will invite me to drink the local gin
And the girls will giggle when they see the boy from town

7. Dn

Tell the wind blowing mama’s wrapper apart to stop.
Tell that fierce sun to calm its temper,
For the prodigy has remembered.
The glory that litters in the garden,
The sweet aroma of passion.
And so shall I gather pieces of my broken parts.
I would craw,limp, walk,jump,run,and fly if need be.
For this world is no strangers paradise.
I’m coming home

8. Oi
And at last oh great land
I come home to thee
Basking in my own pride
Eating fruits which I see
Each morning I wake
The feeling will be new
And for your sake
I will make my love true


I have done a collabo with another poet friend of mine, Deborah Nnagbo. This would not be my first time hosting her here. She writes mildly and creatively. Her stanzas are signed Dn at each beginnings and mine signed Oi. We welcome your thoughts.


Unele trees: species of trees growing in the tropics. Unele perhaps is the native name

Ala oma, Aladinma: Igbo language for Great land, good and fertile land.

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