Start new, 2016

Seeing this fresh new year
Reminds of how dear
We are to God, Almighty
From the jungles of East Africa
To the snowy lands of Canada
Arise, be blessed, be lifted!
From the sands of Arabia
To the icy terrains of Russia
Let joy be-filled in your dealings
And from the cold nights to come
Even as the suns scorch come
Do not falter, for all is new
Let hope arise as the sun wakes
Carry on, be glad for life’s sake
You saw the start of something great
And at the end
We all acknowledge the Lords deed
For His power alone kept us
Let your voices sing, “we made it” thank God!
For all this while, He has made all new and blessed”

Now this piece I dedicate to you all my readers and followers, without you writing would make little sense to me. I can’t mention all the names but I want you all to know I appreciate. Let us share information; help each other with writing opportunities and contest notifications and fly higher this year.

It is New Year! And as they say New Year, New Life and New Resolution. I strongly encourage everyone to be diligent, to be good, to live in peace with fellow men and in all to work harder. It never late to start something new. Never fear to fall, for in falling you discover a new way of doing something. Have the courage to dare, to try and to dream. The future belongs to us all. Happy new and blessed 2016 to you all.

Oke- Iroegbu

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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