Muse: Imaginations

First, it is good to know everyone has got the ability to imagine

Whether you keep thoughts of failure or dream of a great win,

All is possible and our minds must accept that which it is fed with

Now if you must fly watch the Cranes, watch also the clouds,

If you must swim watch the Barracuda and the water current

If you must dance, watch the wriggling worms and the mantis

Is there anything you seek, that man hath not taken from Nature?

The iron snake panting and puffing smoke run thru tunnels and bridges

Jets fly in echelon, the clouds their home and glad training ground

Now cars have four legs; of roaming land animals

And the bicycles maybe mock the chicken

Books grow from great ideas, these ideas from experiences

Or yet, from ‘thoughts of creation’ which was formerly inexistent

All represent mans’ imaginations recreated from Natures beauty

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