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The Human Mind As Art

You’re Beautiful

We’re busy admiring the stars, rivers, hills and all-natural wonders in between. We overlooked the ‘man’ that made the picture complete. It’s our ingenuity that creates beautiful artwork, architectural prowess and imaginative literature. We’re an integral part of nature and hence have a significant role to play in the maintenance and preservation of the environment.

The fashion industry understands a fraction of this. They promote beauty from the outside but this blog post is in the interest of both the internal and external beauty of the human being.

The human being is not just an individual but a profound force, an authority in Providence’s scheme, he is a stakeholder in the grace he found himself in.

You’re beautiful beyond measure. Do you know how powerful and beautiful your mind is?

Human As Art

The human mind is a beautiful art
An element of mother nature,
A fraction to complete the portrait,
It’s salt to this large mist called life


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