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Father’s Day

If you have a father, cherish and love him

Sober reflection

Father’s day is a day of sober reflection for me. It’s a day I had tried fruitlessly to erase from my diary, but no one can ever run from his/her past. Fathers day reminds me of my father, late DSc Nduka Iroegbu. The dark moments he fought to stay alive, when he reached out to me as I hurried off to fetch the doctor, still replays in my mind. I didn’t know that he was trying to say his final goodbye.

The experience was traumatic as a teen. I held onto his hands and saw the life leave him. That fateful night of September had stayed with me these sixteen years. In the ensuing months, I would cry myself to sleep every night. My dreams seem to fade away, but I wouldn’t give up. I got a job at the plastics factory after high school graduation and began to save for further education. Well, what a shame that I couldn’t save a penny – the small salary went to feeding, transport, and insignificant support for the family. The memory of my father was a burden I carried for more than a decade.

A few months later after my dad’s passing, I wrote a high school graduation exam. It was a critical time for me. My support and role model were no more. Each time I arrived at school with red eyes, some friends would assume I was crying and will reach out to console me. I remember a friend who always looked out for me. She tried a lot to pet me.

During this sad period, when people came to visit and comfort the family, I remember someone giving me some pocket money. You know, this gesture was to make me happy. I eventually lost the money in school and didn’t care looking for it. It dawned on me that no amount of tears would bring him back; accordingly, I would never see his handsome face again, never to hear his soothing voice, and most importantly, never to feel his love and protection. I became a man.

So today, being another father’s day, I break out of this shell of self-pity, which kept me from facing reality. I realized that what matters most in life is legacy. The impact we make when alive is important. My dad did his part for his family and country. It’s time to do mine.

Dear diary, though I’m battling to keep the tears away, I’m happy to share this reality. It means a lot to me.

Happy Father’s Day

To my dad, who died serving his nation, I wish a Happy Father’s Day in heaven. There’s a lot of things I like to tell him and how I miss him.

To all the fathers and fathers-to-be reading this blog, I wish you a wonderful day as well. Being a father is a great responsibility, we must play our part generously. Take care of your kids, wives, and relatives; provide, protect, love, and care for their needs. Also, remember always to take care of yourself because a broken jar won’t hold water.

Now, here is friendly advice from me: if you have a father, cherish and love him. Life is like a mist; it won’t last forever. Let go, forgive any parent that did wrong, left, or didn’t care enough. Live and be grateful.

Good night.

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