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I choose Faith over Fear

Just a few months ago, the world celebrated the new year. People, companies and countries nurtured aspirations and dreams, hoping for a happy year. But the advent of the virus brought fear and uncertainty. With what is going on, this pandemic may cause economic stress across the globe, particularly in Africa. I’m happy it’s Friday evening. All primary and secondary schools in Abia State closed today. So holidays have officially started. Due to the sit at home notice issued by the government, I may not travel home. I’m sitting outside, to enjoy some quietness and breeze. I wonder how long we’ll wait to hear that the virus is gone. I’m not afraid; the world has suffered worse before now. In my area, there’s no news of the virus yet. People still go about their business despite the warnings. I’m grateful to all fighting this scourge, and I pray for those who doubt the existence of a Supreme God. In these times and always, I choose faith over fear. Life is undoubtedly vanity without faith. Let’s stay safe and be grateful for life—my thoughts and prayers to you all. I know we’ll smile again. Good night 💛💚💙


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There is so much going on but we will choose to rise in faith and not fear. I pray for those who have doubted God that their eyes will open. If people still don’t believe that God is real, I don’t know what to say. For so many, this virus is an eye opener. Right now, we are on top all across the world. We have 1,704 deaths and 104,277 cases. There are still people skipping around and going about their business not listening. Wonders shall never end. Trusting that this virus will vanish sooner than expected because so many businesses have been shut down and people have been laid off from work. As the President has stated that this is a time where depression will escalate. We pray for a turnaround in Jesus name 🙏🏿

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