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Madagascar’s Covid-19 Cure

It’s no more news that Madagascar found a cure for Covid-19 and that some African governments are reaching out to purchase some. I think that the WHO Madagascar office should work with these people to ensure that the cure is potent against Covid-19. Note that the cure was prepared from traditional herbs and Africa has a long history in curing ailments through use of herbs, barks, leaves, fruits and roots. This might just be the answer or direction the world seek. Support Africa.

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Lagos during Lockdown

This is Lagos during the Lockdown. Roads that once flow with heavy traffic is now empty. Stay safe everyone.

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Poverty and Covid-19

This image says it all. All they have in rural Africa are hope, prayers and faith. Most of our leaders are little more than puppeteers.

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Thoughts on Covid-19

Even with the breaking news of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Abia State, some still doubt the media and think that the news is a hoax. People can be stubborn you know, add ignorance and then you can imagine what it can birth.

The human nature is fraught to benefit at the expense of others. This pandemic has become a money spinner for some people. Now substandard products flood the market. Consumers will have to exercise extra care when selecting safety products (hand sanitizers and face masks).

Advice: Remember NOT to touch your face, especially the nostrils, eyes and mouth. Don’t touch walls, public railings, seats, generally things that are for public use or outside your home. This will include eating out, using public cutleries, handshakes, hugs, and other human intimacy. Use disinfectants and spirits always to clean surfaces, bought materials, and yourself.

I’m sure we will overcome this. We need to take care. Stay safe.

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Hang on guys

To everyone who’s experiencing home isolation. This too shall end.

With love to everyone 💙💚💜

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My Facebook Poll on Covid-19

Recently I set up a pool for my Facebook friends. Though response was low I still got a reasonable answer.

Out of 49 viewers/votes, 84% voted NO to the question on the image and 16% voted YES. I reached out to the YES voters to ask them for reasons for their choice. Some admitted they chose YES by mistake (and since they can’t undo the vote let it be) and others have mixed feelings. As it is said, majority carries the vote. Clearly, 84% is more than a half of the total voting sample and from YES answers, no tangible evidence exist that government is doing well in that regard. These are people’s opinion.

Conclusion: The Nigerian government (state and federal), are not doing enough to curtail the spread of Covid-19 and general welfare of people during the quarantine.

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Irony: African Leadership and Covid-19

I’ve tried to figure out why we have cases of both stupidity and shrewdness when it comes to the drama between voters and politicians. As one portray stupidity and the other shrewd, they exchange the baton afterwards.

During election time African leaders share enticing gifts, which include cash and food stuff to voters in exchange for votes. Then promises and party slogans are songs that wake the ordinary man each morning and put him to bed each night. Sadly, voters tend to sell their rights by collecting these bribes. I term it ‘a bribe’ because corrupt leaders must recover wealth spent enticing the voter (oh, it’s called campaigning right?). Corruption won’t let them stop at that, they continue taking more from the public purse. It’s more like a business; give and take, and continue taking. The only benefit some voters get are the cash and materials they got before elections.

Now some leaders are silent to the masses plight. We sit at home, of course, so we won’t contract Covid-19. But more than half of the population have to do daily menial jobs to feed. Some even have dependents to tend. But to respect government directives they have no job. In this quarantine time, there’s no significant government and corporate support. But no, this is not election time for sharing relieve materials and it’s not business time as well! Shame!!

Meanwhile, some still believe that the virus is a hoax and that Nigeria may not have any Covid-19 case. That’s just illiteracy and politics playing away on people’s psyche.

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On Covid-19 Vaccines by West Indamakin

Author’s opinion, editted by

Today Africa is slapped with Covid-19 vaccine testing because of her over dependence on the West for solutions to every challenge faced by the continent. African leaders deny their countries modern medical infrastructure like hospitals and adequate resources to support professionals to attain desired results and match what health practitioners are doing in other countries. In times of ill health, African leaders travel outside for treatment. This shows that they don’t trust their health practitioners and facilities. What do we then expect from corrupt leaders? Our nurses and doctors who are underpaid and owed salaries practice with inadequate facilities. The next option for them will be to leave the country in search for greener pastures. Irony is that some of them still treat these corrupt leaders in hospitals abroad. Covid-19 has proved to our leaders that the toad does not run in noon in vain. Something must be pursuing it.

Our leaders had shamed us and we make it clear that Africans are not lab rats for testing vaccines. The Covid-19 vaccine should be tested where the virus is at large and/or the origin. We Africans are ready to comply after the vaccine test is successful elsewhere.

West Indamakin

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Beautiful Day

Is it not a beautiful day? From our places of comfort and seclusion, I trust everyone can get at least a warm and beautiful view of nature, of trees swinging in strong winds, of bird cries across the skies, and sunshine over quiet country or town. I’ll love to share your experiences over a bottle of Coke after this scourge. By the way I’m writing from bed.

I remind myself that I’m human first each day. Today won’t be complete without seeing someone else smile and to give people reasons to see life from a lighter angle. It gives me joy to share my happiness with you. Know things will make sense soon by God’s Grace.

Yours’ penly,

Oke Iroegbu

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Lockdown by Greech Psalms mgms

As I’ve watched the streets thru this glass wall..
Sadness envelops my world…
Nobody walking on the streets …
No jeepneys, buses and private cars busy moving around…
No children playing in the park….
No more restaurants to dine in …
No more shopping malls to buy something…
No more bookstores selling my fave book author…
No more courier services to ship parcels from coast to coast!
No more chance of having a tour this year-
No more recreational park to hang out…
No need to wake up early for school and work…
No more dates to spend with friends…
No more smiles can be seen any longer-
No banks to transact about money matter
No traffic !
Most of all no mass gathering !
Oh! The bridge is temporarily broken-
It is Lockdown..

The world now is really scary and different !
All I could see and hear is the terrible wailing of the busy ambulance !
Rushing sick people to the hospitals..
Panic buying is experienced everywhere!
Like ants under a huge tree busy hoarding food for rainy days-
Almost of the people in the world have stopped working!
Am pretty sure there is a big famine all over the world if this lockdown continues…
Really, I cannot bear to face all of these
Life is fragile, short and sudden!
Look!..Everything that is happening now –
Putting one’s life to the edge and even death!
The news on TV and newspapers are:
Heartbreaking !
Nerve wracking.!
Teeth- gnawing !
keeping me restless…
Dragging my life down-
Keeping me detour from a dream!
keeping me on bended knees.
Kept me staying in one corner , like a hog on a pigsty!
Oh! No, the world is scary and different!
But these issues in life cannot break and stop me from believing –
That right after today ” there is a bright tomorrow”.

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Update on CoronaVirus in Africa

This is heart wrenching, what began as a joke is gradually escalating. Nobody is laughing anymore. When I got the updates I knew that we still have a long way before calm.

Closing state borders is not enough. African countries are finding it extremely difficult to handle the scourge with their poor economic status. Now the real show is unfolding we need to take things more serious.

There are people going about their business every day. Kudos to the police for arresting those who disobey the order. But we must tread lightly, I also saw on social media, a boy who died from gunshot wounds in Delta state. There’s no need for excessive force. People are trying to survive. It’s hardtimes and we must apply human compassion before punishment. It might be hunger that drove such person(s) out at the first place. We were hungry before the advent of Covid-19, so let the security think before leaping.

This morning I saw several nomadic cobblers walk across my street. I’m sad that these set of people are not restrained from movement. Why are they wandering about to mend people’s footwears when we, the clients ain’t moving anywhere? If the government is asking everyone to sit at home this must apply to everybody, I mean everybody safe from food vendors. Anyone can spread this virus!

Stay safe everyone. My prayers to Africa, Europe, America and rest of the world. Everything will make sense soon, have faith.

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Information on Covid-19 in Local Languages

This is Umukwu, Amune Ovim in Isuikwuato. An uncle sent this video to me yesterday. I’m happy to see this happen. Now that information about the virus is spread through local languages, I expect to see some change in attitude and willingness to observe social distancing. The video is in Igbo language. I think the same should be done in other parts of Nigeria, especially the North and other African nations as well. This way our rural populace will know about the virus and how it can be avoided. There’s an English version here. Kudos to all that organized this. Stay safe everyone.

Learn Igbo language.

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Guess what!

Heaven’s tummy is rumbling! There’s some comfort from Heaven finally! It’s been hot since weekend, coupled with the Covid-19 issue, life has been solitary. Now it’s raining heavily outside! I’m seconds away from dancing in it but the lightning is frightening. I smell the wet dust. I’m sure mushrooms will visit tomorrow, haha. The breeze is flirting with my candle light and dancing with the curtains. The candle light draws a strange shadow over me. What a feeling! A joyful one, an escape from the heat.

This rain is a consolation and an answer to a prayer. Let’s see tomorrow. Good night.

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Leadership and Nigeria’s Covid-19 situation

As of March 29, confirmed Covid-19 cases in Nigeria rose to 111 and counting. The sad reality is that African leaders are not doing enough to prevent the virus from spreading further. Also, the testing equipment and medical personnel is NOT enough should the disease escalate. Even so, some people doubt the existence of Covid-19. They say it’s a hoax and a political one for that. You see, Nigerians politicize everything. Erosions, landslides, flooding, natural disasters, poverty are politicized and attributed to governments or opposition. Everything is reduced to lame blame games. When much time and energy is channeled to blames, very little is achieved. This is what the government and her opposition do to each other and to the citizenry. The citizens, on the other hand fight (verbally and in extreme cases via violence) amongst themselves to support and show solidarity to their various factions. Private businesses take advantage of situations like this to profit themselves by involving in dubious businesses and increasing cost of goods. Some people go about spreading false info. I don’t know their gain. There’s so much going on the fast lane but Covid-19 is a reality and it’s spreading. Like I always say the African problem is one of leadership. This is typical to Nigeria, where most think like their leaders. If the head is bad, there’s no doubt that the body will be twice as bad.

When I read people’s Covid-19 theories on social media. I can say that some people’s sense of reasoning is beclouded by sentiments and selfishness which somehow boils down to politics. Dear African leaders, everything is not about politics. Instead of pointing fingers, I think this is the time to find measures for collective public health safety.

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Need for an Afrocentric response to Covid-19

I received this thoughtful anonymous write up and like to share it with everyone.


Dear Writers, can you help share this to get to the top before it is too late?

Is self-Isolation the best for Nigeria and Africa at the moment? Let’s look at its end result.

When I listen to young people that reason like Seun Kuti, it builds my hope that one day, the narratives will change for good.

Sometimes it seems we write or speak more intelligently than our leaders, it is not so because what we know, they equally know? But this is us telling the raw truth they have refused to tell you and will never tell you because they benefit more from shroud politics and fraudulent leadership, which by all means makes them appear unintelligent. And you as a citizen have not helped matters because you appear to be uninformed as to what your rights are and how to demand for it.

The People that created social distancing and self isolation against Covid-19 are the Europeans, because, that is what will work for them after putting one or two comprehensive analysis together.

The Chinese didn’t use social distancing and self isolation, they quarantined their people by force, because that is what will work for them at that moment.

But not only that, China were building and putting to use new hospitals every 6 days, to help get ahead of the virus, because many Chinese didn’t have access to healthcare and they understood what needed to be done which will work for them. Their response was completely Chinese and not African or European, they knew what China needed to move China fast out of the mess and that’s what they did.

So, when the virus got to Europe and the Europeans looked at their society and came up with social distancing and self isolation because they understood that that approach is what will help Europeans. Europeans don’t have communities that are without water, they don’t have communities without Hospitals, Europeans don’t live in face-me-I-face-you-houses, some of the homeless they have, they put them in government reserved shelters. Social distancing and self isolation is completely European and Eurocentric response to Covid-19, it is not Chinese response, it is their own Response. Europe doesn’t have slumps like where most people live in Aba, Lagos, Onitsha etc with gutters and shanties here and there. They don’t have communities without free water and electricity. Thus, self Isolation became easy.

But People buy water in Africa (Nigeria) to survive, some people don’t even have money to buy water. Now the Europeans that asked their people to self isolate, have created different types of funds to put in the pockets of their citizens to sustain them during the isolation period. But Nigerian medical professionals and politicians are shouting “Self Isolation and social distancing”, how many Nigerians can survive 2 weeks without hustling, without going to the streets to find daily bread?

By forcing Nigerians to self isolate without putting anything in their pockets, the government is only asking Nigerians to choose between death by Covid-19 or death by hunger. How have they saved Nigerians by this? This is not a response peculiar to our society.

You don’t bring an European trained doctor to treat malaria in Nigeria, malaria will kill a lot of people under his watch because he have no such experience. There’s no mosquito in Europe and so, there are no malaria cases for proper experience.

African leaders should be creative and stop the copycat. This is why we have remained slaves to the westerners. Depending on them for everything.
But African leaders all over the continent gives themselves the best in this world. They ride in the best cars, they wear the best cloths, they live in the best homes, access the best hospitals in the world, have the best security, send their children to the best schools in the world. They give themselves world class services with our commonwealth.

So, who taught you that you don’t have a right to demand for the best services from them? Who put it in your brains that you don’t deserve to ask them for world class services? Who put that in your brain? Is it your pastors, your parents, is it the dormant schools you went to? Guys, remove that … from your brain. Until the people learn to stand up and demand what’s due for them, nothing will change.

This social distancing and self isolation is not Afrocentric is not for Africans and will never work for Africans in this situation should it get out of hands. How are we going to sustain families during this isolation if the situation gets tough? This is the window period to think! Don’t let it hit us before we plan for it.

America with the lowest level of poverty is giving each adult a thousand dollars, (N380,000) but you are comfortable isolating without food.

Desperate situations requires desperate measures.

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I choose Faith over Fear

Just few months ago the world celebrated the new year. People, companies and countries nurtured aspirations and dreams, hoping for a happy year. But the advent of the virus brought fear and uncertainty. With what is going on, this pandemic may cause economic stress across the globe, particularly in Africa.I’m happy it’s Friday evening. All primary and secondary schools in Abia State closed today. So holidays have officially started. Due to the sit at home notice issued by the government I may not travel home. I’m sitting outside, to enjoy some quietness and breeze. I wonder how long we’ll wait to hear that the virus is gone. I’m not afraid, the world have suffered worse before now.In my area, there’s no news of the virus yet. People still go about their business despite the warnings. I’m grateful to all fighting this scourge and I pray for those who doubt the existence of a Supreme God. In these times and always, I choose faith over fear. Life is surely vanity without faith.Let’s stay safe and be grateful for life. My thoughts and prayers to you all. I know we’ll smile again. Good night 💛💚💙

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Discrimination: Who’s the enemy now?

I watch the news daily for updates on Covid-19. I’m glad to see heartwarming stories of our success in the fight against the global spread or containment of the virus. I read that Cuban doctors and nurses are in Italy to help out. Now, this is good news and I expect to see more.

The other side of the coin isn’t so bright. It’s sad to read of xenophobia in these trying times. How can we show love to people if we harbour mistrust, old grudges or plain hatred? My faith believes that to win means to love even your enemies. In Europe and America, cases of physical violence and abuse on people of Asian descent are reported. This is not humanity, this is not love.

There’s too much suffering and dying already, let’s not contribute to it. It’s unfair and not the best time to discriminate or segregate, but time to act together in love, commitment and kindness to one another as one human unit.

Stay safe everyone. My thoughts and prayers go to Italy.

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Just In: Jack Ma’s donation arrives

Medical supplies to fight Coronavirus donated by Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma, arrives Nigeria

The shipment, which came in via an Ethiopian Airlines flight, carried 5.4 million face masks, 1.08 million detection tests, 40,000 sets of protective clothing and 60,000 sets of protective face shields.

I hope this will help curb the spreading of the virus. Stay safe everyone.

Source: SaharaReporters

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Covid-19 Update in Nigeria

The virus is still at large and people move about freely as usual. Some news agencies reveal frightening figures. I can’t confirm these figures yet. Most public places; markets, schools and religious places are open.

Please keep us in your prayers. For those without Africa we have you in our thoughts too. Stay safe everyone.