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Dealing with Anger and Frustration

I compiled what worked for me in dealing with anger and frustration, I hope they work for others too.

The first thing I do when I’m angry is to walk away. I hold back the urge to argue, reply or fight back even when I’m clearly right. When I’m angry I ignore the offender and will likely leave the area if the provocation become unbearable.

Sometimes cheerful company can heal. I hang out with people who take my happiness as theirs. Good friends care so much that they offer all kinds of gift, play and jokes to make me smile.

Faith is a strong factor in reversing frustrations to great mood. If you are religious, handing your pain to God may be a good anger therapy, if not the best. When provoked or frustrated I say a word of prayer and that makes me feel much better.

You must have noticed how keen I’m about food. Honestly, if you love food like I do, you may agree that good food can do wonders! If you are angry it may be that you are hungry, just saying. It’s nice to treat yourself to great delicacies. Cook for yourself, maybe try new dishes and buy yourself a glass of chilled wine or yoghurt.

Think about or visit places that you love or remind you of successful events or ventures you were part of. Also, talk to anger management specialists. For me, I visit quiet places or older people/friends.

Do you have a hobby, talent, pet or job that you enjoy? Sing, write, dance, play, swim, cycle, hike, drink, eat, do more of anything that gives you joy whenever you feel the pangs of gloom. I remember writing a lot of poems when I was heartbroken and it did save me from more stress. Just do that thing that makes you happy.

From here it will be a good night.