Love and Christianity

Thoughts on Character

Character sustains beauty

Character sustains destiny

One thing that makes everyone unique or stands out is character. Character is moral strength and describes notable and eccentric feature(s) of a person.

As smoke can not be hidden, so it is a person’s character. Character is linked to self-control, temperance, and discipline.

Deborah King, the co-founder of Global Protocol, Etiquette and Civility Academy, lists 21 things we can do to improve character:

1. Forgive everyone.
2. Give more than you take.
3. Write a weekly thank-you note.
4. Respond with a soft answer.
5. Encourage others.
6. Conduct business with honesty and integrity.
7. Keep your word.
8. Examine your demands on others.
9. Be thankful.
10. Laugh.
11. Defend the defenseless.
12. Honor your body. It is the only one you have.
13. Treasure the simplicity of everyday moments.
14. Be inclusive.
15. Listen more fully.
16. Be content.
17. Sing and dance daily.
18. Practice daily random acts of kindness.
19. Pray without ceasing.
20. Spend more time improving your character than you do improve your appearance.
21. Celebrate and communicate your love for others.

Note that exercising control over a behavior improves character too, and negative attributes unchecked can destroy existing relationships, friendships, business networks, and even marriages.


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