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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf becomes a flower.

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Morning Sun

I’m glad to see the rising sun
It tells by sight stories unspoken
And paints my curtain perfect green
Divine love woke me to a new start,
A new life, something to celebrate
When I gather the curtains
To glance through tree lines
And green field glittering in the sun,
The rays catch my breath,
Birds chirp and take flight
Morning is my grateful moment

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Good morning Africa

Thank you for reminding me of your beauty Africa. #Africanimages

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Just a Reminder

You are beautiful before they came
You are beautiful after they leave

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Fantasy: Dream with me

Let’s lie on green fields
Close your weary eyes
Dream with me of a pretty land

I want a tree by my side
And a bunny out there too,
Sunshine, cute clouds and blue skies

Let the sun wear her garment
And her warmth mild upon us
Let tree leaves shade her light

So I’m a musketeer in Camelot
A fantasy in my restless mind
But what do you dream about?

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That Leap of Faith by Arunav Barua

Ever woke up scared, disoriented and not knowing where?
Open your eyes and you’d see that the Sky’s still there
Even the worst nightmare passes away with a little smile
All that we need is a heart strong enough to withstand while
The planet remains, its beauty intact, hidden in white pages
That are real as that sight outside where you’ve not been ages…

Defer to the one most in pain, say that you need help, my friend
For I can take a little more, this pain wouldn’t be my final, my end!
A dance that reminds us of summer rain and getting wet outside
That song that can be sung as a means to end this unearthly fight
Fight then! Says a voice which was busy cooking up new dreams
Aye! Comes the answer, waiting for minds alike, well, so it seems…

Now, it is time to go back to doing nothing, which takes a lot
Of effort, since life is about being conscious about all we’ve got…

(c) Arunav Barua (I.I.T Guwahati, Assam)

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Beauty is the ladybird
Waking in the midst of dew
To enjoy a quiet and lonely walk

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Morning sun

Shine forth morning sun
Make dew drop and disappear
Paint the world gold
And take all gloom away,
From fields let farmers behold,
From forgeries let smiths smile
And from hamlets let our joy flow
With every fine memory you bring

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Image: Two African girls

Here is an image of two beautiful African girls. In Africa life is simple. This two girls posed for a picture, one smiling and the other hands on her head. What do you make of this image?

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Reflecting on the Sunset

There’s that feeling of nostalgia when the sun drift away from the hamlets, sinking, sailing through the clouds like a golden phantom, spherical like a child’s play ball. Sometimes when it’s hot we wish away the sun and when it’s cold we wish the sun’s heat could warm our land. It’s man’s nature to want balance but what balance are we bargaining for as our planet become warmer than usual?

Now beauty is Nature’s art, seen especially from the day’s end. This beautiful view of African sunset is typical and may excite you. However, reflecting on th natural artful piece, you will agree that there are unspoken words which the sunset may be passing (to us). Reflect calmly, but remember to consider means to keep this planet safe. Feel, enjoy and protect the beauty that you’re surrounded with.

Good night from West Africa.

#VisitAfrica #Saveourplanet #Globalwarming

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When Beauty Fades by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

I can feel comfortable with flowers,
What a beauty!
What an aroma!!
I can’t resist the gentle,
Pure and, how sacred they are,
What else can life be proud of?
I’m really proud of life’s many beauty,
And many lies.
But here beauty fades,
Like addiction,
It becomes uninteresting,
With time,
It loses its value,
It becomes nothing,
Right there, we start noticing,
All that which used to be enticing,
Becomes scaring.
But where beauty march with the brains,
The outcome is unimaginable,
They both collide to make meaning,
Makes life worth living,
And it gives a sense of belonging,
Beauty with brain is knowledge,
Which last for eternity.
Beauty fades,
Intelligence doesn’t,
Beauty gives immediate excitements,
Intelligent makes it last,
Beauty compliment appearance,
Intelligent appreciate it.
When beauty fades,
We have nothing left,
But when intelligent is improved,
We gain everything.
Beauty is derived from birth,
While Intelligent sustains it.
Love and Christianity

Thoughts on Character

Character sustains beauty

Character sustains destiny

One thing that makes everyone unique or stands out is character. Character is moral strength and describes notable and eccentric feature(s) of a person.

As smoke can not be hidden, so it is a person’s character. Character is linked to self-control, temperance, and discipline.

Deborah King, the co-founder of Global Protocol, Etiquette and Civility Academy, lists 21 things we can do to improve character:

1. Forgive everyone.
2. Give more than you take.
3. Write a weekly thank-you note.
4. Respond with a soft answer.
5. Encourage others.
6. Conduct business with honesty and integrity.
7. Keep your word.
8. Examine your demands on others.
9. Be thankful.
10. Laugh.
11. Defend the defenseless.
12. Honor your body. It is the only one you have.
13. Treasure the simplicity of everyday moments.
14. Be inclusive.
15. Listen more fully.
16. Be content.
17. Sing and dance daily.
18. Practice daily random acts of kindness.
19. Pray without ceasing.
20. Spend more time improving your character than you do improve your appearance.
21. Celebrate and communicate your love for others.

Note that exercising control over a behavior improves character too, and negative attributes unchecked can destroy existing relationships, friendships, business networks, and even marriages.

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Happy Autumn song

Autumn plays a game of colors
Warm is her painted trees and land
Sweet are the songs from her birds
With the two, she gave benevolently


Image by Yaran Qadr



Greatness is not a virtue of wealth

Nor beauty, nor fame

Greatness lies in courage, in faith

In change, to become

With experience, wise

Honest and compassionate



Beauty is the painting of paths

That men had never walked or seen

Like the pebbles which count not their existence

Beauty walks through the ranges and fjords

With shadows of pines and winter trees all about

And tree logs sailing quietly on the lonely waterway

Beauty is the art of tranquility

It is peace that comes with quietness,

The sands that lay on beaches stretched far away

Quietly for years, unperturbed, sitting on one another

With backgrounds of green tropical forests and rocks

And a wide variety of flora and fauna

Beauty is painting of the sea

Some are black, some light blue

Some a mild red and a patch of cream

But the hues match with that of the skies

So that the canoes look like middlemen

Caught in-between the clouds and sea

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Africa: Retelling the story

What if there was no love in me for you Africa…?

I shrug, I will not think of it…

I wonder which other songs are left for me to sing

I wonder what can give me much joy for a better future

And I thank God for this gift, for Africa, for the world

For the opportunity to tell how I feel about Gods perfect Nature

And what it means to me… my beautiful inspiration!


Each time I wake from my slumber I see your beauty

I still see heart warming smiles and people around me

And the sweet torture of their warmth joyfully burns my heart

It feels so good to be part of it all, part of a blessed world

Imagine sleeping in the open air at the spying of the Wild dogs

Imagine running up the hills to fright the Lions with the Masai

Or to dance with the mischievous apes of the Savannah

And drink the sweet and fresh Mqobothi beer with the Zulu


There is some warmth even in remembering you

In bearing your thoughts and dreams…

In my hopeful traveling of the lengths

And breadths of your landscape

Through ponds, forests, hills, vales, towns and hamlets

And my encounters with the good and the bad and the ugliest,

The wild, the tamed, the birds and the beasts…

The sweet romance of adventure itself

And my undying quest for knowledge…


Sometimes I am like the Wild myself

And the Waterfalls and Ponds my fine siblings

What of the streams with reeds all over the surface

That conceals the dreaded Alligators in their element?

What of the python with her thousands of camouflage spots

Swimming in the deep rivers of the Niger and Orange?

What of the spotted Hyena with her ferocious eyes

And large head full of tattoos and curly hairs?

What of the songs from the thousands of forests dwellers

Who knew no other men, deity, world or hope?

What of many, many things I might not remember to remember

Just what of …

And what of me with everything strange about me

Writing, musing away to the tunes Nature gave me?

Knowing so well I belonged to a community, entertaining ourselves

Living together for life is for the living…

I am sorely in love, with you Africa


A Psalm : Hide me in Your Shadow

Hide me in your Shadow Lord
Let me be invincible to the worlds strife
In the vales were dry bones lay
And up hill were the skies touch the Earth
Let me stand blameless before You
I have fallen for I am just human
Weak, frail and vain, but You perfects all this
Now I stand before You, dear Lord
Asking for You alone and all You are
Leave me not behind
But in Your invincibility let me hide