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Thoughts on Loneliness 4

It is hard for introverts to explain situations, especially the ones who are naturally taciturn. They have the loudest minds, act little, and prefer to be left alone. I know a friend back in school who talks very little. It seemed he counted his words, and one day, a classmate lied against him. He was punished for what he didn’t commit. Why? He couldn’t explain himself!

I have some introverted friends; they can be very creative, unique, and intelligent. Maneva is an excellent example of a friend who says little but thinks and dreams big! She doesn’t show off, though she is smart and won’t tolerate noisy attitude and dominance from anyone. She prefers to do things her way. But when relaxed, you will enjoy the company of this ‘rigid’ person.

So it is nice to allow people (friends, peers, colleagues, partners, wives, husbands, kids) to be themselves.

We may not be able to discern why people act the way they do, why they chose to be alone. If you find someone who doesn’t like talking much, help by giving them some space. Usually, such people have their time to talk. Be patient and move with their flow.


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