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I’m a Shepherd

I’m a shepherd, living all by myself
Of course there are people all about
But none share my believes and thought
I dream away alone, such is my life

Early mornings are my quiet times
So I speak life to the day when I wake
Hoping to see my reflection on the lake
And to hear my flock play away on the field

The noon I sit to play my songs
Funny enough, flies and birds sing along
Sometimes the heavy lamb will horn
To raise hopes for the coming new born

When the evenings finally come
I’ll be walking down hill with the flock
To admire the sunset and my handiwork
The sun hiding behind the hills womb

I’m a shepherd, living all by myself
Of course there are people all about
But none share my believes and thought
I dream away alone, such is my life

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Thoughts on Friendships and Personal Autonomy

I received several messages from close friends, complaining of the way their friends or partners treat them. I tried to see reason from different angles so that I can make an impartial judgment. Being good is not a guarantee that people will treat you well and returning people’s favours is not ideal too.

Well, we all know that people come in different sizes and shapes, so expecting them to treat you exactly the way you treat them will be like trying to feed grass to lions. Differences in lifestyle, personal/religious/economic background, culture, education, life experiences, and more contribute to different human behaviours. Heartbreaks and failed relationships are common because many started with the wrong mindset and direction.

It’s not about treating people the way they treat you. It’s actually recognizing that you deserve better than the way they treat you and you value yourself well enough to walk away with your dignity and self respect intact. People should stop investing in one sided or fair weather relationships and friendships. When people show you they don’t value you, simply walk away. I’ve been there severally! A broken friendship is better than a failed marriage or long term relationship!

No drama, no mind games, no guilt trips, no shaming, no abusive calls or texts, just a realization that you deserve better and removing someone who treats you in less manner. You teach people how they treat you and it’s you and only you that know your worth and value. Take your power back and stop giving your personal autonomy away to other people.

Have a great day. Our love challenge continues.

Africa culture/tradition folklore lifestyle Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry

Muse: Life

Quiet breezes roam this evening,
I let my weary mind stroll with it,
Walking it down these streets of life,
And reflecting on life’s true meaning,
Aware of seasons, of sowing and reaping,
I wonder if life come in such seasons,
And when stars die, if they fall off from heaven
Or if there’s such thing as human reincarnation

Life is like an early morning mist,
Hot days, its woe as it may dry up the mist
Now I lay, thinking of life’s secrets,
And what may become when I finally find it

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Reflection: Friendship

Friendship is a beautiful gift. True friendship drives away all sort of fear and loneliness.

It’s even said in myths that trees feed each other through their roots. So there are benefits to networking and keeping true friends.

Note that friendship is central to human survival and that humanity thrives better in community.


Random Thought: Countryside Vs Cities

It’s Saturday evening in West Africa. I’m sitting outside peeling oranges. Apart from the dreamy breeze, this mouthful of oranges is the only comfort I’ve for being bored.


My hometown is beautiful. There are breath taking hills masked in green matter. There are streams, ponds, rivulets and waterfalls, rocks and ancient caves. There are bamboo forests and great valleys and settlements surrounded by hills. Wild life is exotic, so are plants too. This place gives me unquantifiable joy and inspiration each time I visit. Here is to celebrate Isuikwuato, my home!

I belong to you, Ovim and your hills that stand before the sunrise,

With shades of green and gold, old as the ages you paint the land

I belong to the Native drums that play beyond the hills

Calling on great men and mighty warriors to dance

I belong to the green forest and all life that call it home;

The swift flowing streams, rushing upon fine pebbles

And the ponds that hide under the cool shed of trees and bushes

I belong… To the countryside, pure and unharmed by man’s greed


I do not wish to discuss much about cities. Everybody knows that it’s a place full of people. Therefore noise, water and air pollution is common.

I think cities can be desirable to Nature lovers if every household own at least two trees. What if forests are embedded in city plans? BTW reforestation is a key ally in our fight against global warming and climate change.

That’s it for the day. Good night.

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Thoughts on Loneliness 4

It is hard for introverts to explain situations, especially the ones who are naturally taciturn. They have the loudest minds, act little and prefer to be left alone. I know a friend back in school who talks very little. Seemed he counted his words and one day a classmate lied against him. He was punished for what he didn’t commit. Why? He couldn’t explain himself!

I have some introvert friends, they can be very creative, amazing and intelligent. Maneva is a good example of a friend who says little but thinks and dreams big! She doesn’t show off, though she is an intellect and won’t tolerate noisy attitude and dominance from anyone. She prefers to do things her way. But when relaxed, you will enjoy the company of this ‘rigid’ person.

So it is nice to allow people (friends, peers, colleagues, partners, wives, husbands, kids) be themselves.

We may not be able to discern why people act the way they do. Why they chose to be alone. If you find someone who doesn’t like talking much, help by giving them some space. Normally, such people have their time to talk. Be patient and move with their flow.

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Thoughts: Keep your circle small

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Proverbs 13:20

Your company can assist or resist you. The people you keep around may destroy your dreams or may help you achieve them.

Consider the story of Joseph and his brothers. The brothers planned to kill him just because he shared his dream with them! (Genesis 37).

There’s a saying in the Igbo of the chick that watch the mother hen eat. The chick learn from the hen. If you hang around greedy or selfish people, there’s a likelihood you will pick some of their traits. Your company can bring out the best in you or the worst in you.

Some people might be in your boat but may not be traveling the same destination with you. Don’t let them sink your boat. Assess your company. Remember, an eagle has no business with crows.

Good morning from West Africa.


Thoughts on Loneliness 3

Today I was in school (where I work) and really enjoyed the time I spent with my favorite students and friends. I had a lot of hugs especially from Helen, a primary school kid who took fancy of me. I teach the secondary section but my friends mostly are those little kids at the kindergaten and primary who run about and play every possible play they could around me. I enjoyed those smiling faces. Most times, during break time, I visit the primary section to see my friends. What a welcome I always get! It warms my heart to see such love, undiluted! I will love to feel that way again and again.Why did I start this post with that little story? Because I wanted to draw attention to the fact that even an introvert needs some air. You needn’t stay away from people (include kids and pets) even when your senses are beating drums to. When I open up to nice people, I feel better and I could get back to my thoughts feeling very great!Man is a social animal. Yes! So don’t keep yourself back to yourself. Sometimes reach out and when people reach out to you don’t always hold back. Bless people with your time, attention, love, smiles and hugs. 😊😊😊


Thoughts on Loneliness 2

Introverts do see themselves as threatened species. What I mean is that they feel overwhelmed in the crowd and most times misbehave in such environment. I, for instance can relate to this. I feel so consumed and inadequate when I’m in a place full of people. I won’t say this has to do with less self confidence but seeing a lot of people who share little or nothing with me turns me off.

I try to belong when I find myself in such environment. Act as a Roman when you are in Rome, right? At the end, I come back to myself and count my gains and losses of moments ‘wasted’ sitting with people. Understanding who yourself wants to spend time with is very important. Most times, you really need to spend more time with yourself. This is not being anti social. I believe we are not meant to force ourselves on people or to belong to a group. But, a little advice goes thus, try to belong sometimes not to displease yourself but to spend time with people who might be in dire need of your time and attention. You can always have yourself afterwards.


Thoughts on Loneliness

Being lonely is by no means a wrong or painful venture. It doesn’t suggest that someone is unwanted in the society or is running the isolationist policy. Infact, being lonely most times creates the atmosphere for self reflection, for self discovery and for quiet times. Some times we hear introverts say a lot about loving to be alone and we wonder what this might have in connection to the truth behind self-reflection and loneliness. I may not call myself a whole introvert, but I love being alone. Infact in my loneliness, I think out loud. I take in my environment and let my environment do same. It is not the same as wishing people away as most introverts do. I feel more at ease when I am alone. I converse with my mind and as a poet I create poetic structures in my mind. In some parts of West Africa especially in secondary schools, those who prefer to stay alone are normally misunderstood. Some people go as far as tagging them ogbanje, witches or possessed persons. As I grew up I came to see the link between self reflection and hanging out by yourself. If you need more inspiration, I suggest hanging out by yourself on a beach, safari, bar, fields and even anywhere that allows you self reflect and spend time with yourself near your home.


Musing: Loves Poetry

Many days loneliness
Kept me from the world
Sometimes I feel out casted
From the grip of the world
From this cruel, crooked world
Nothing excites my fancy
But you… Dear Lord
You brought poetry to me
You made it my dream
Now as it came to me
It made my life so beautiful
Putting smiles all over my face
Making me sing aloud
Praying with it
Dancing with it
Teaching with it
Thinking more about it
Love made it possible
I wonder, such passion
A psalm in rendition
To Thee maker of all;
Man, flora, fauna and poetry
The beauty of it all,
The beauty of life itself
To be totally changed,
To have a new life
And a new Dream
Each new blessed morning

Oiroegbu Halls


Musing: Loneliness

A writers love is like a tree
On a lonely roadside
With no one to feel
Or to sooth away some pain
When the tree waves
The leaves about on calm winds
It says a lot
But it is lonely
And when the stubborn storms
Shove it about, to and fro
It stands but broken inside
With one more hope to spare
But love; love itself is strange
It has made the best tales
Loneliness, has wandered far
Giving only desire to the desirous
The love one seeks
Lays inside of that
Which brings joy upon ones heart
And smiles upon others faces

Oiroegbu Halls