Love song: When you smile

I remember the first time you looked at me

I watched my feet dance in my long walk

I knew the celebration that came from love that stayed a while


I remember the first time you smiled at me

I felt my heart dance and rejoice

I was happy ’cause your smiled touched a part of me left out


So when you look at me, I am full of joy

When you smile, I feel love in many tongues:

I love you, Ina son ki, ahurum gi nanya!



Africans are known to express love more verbally. This little piece, perhaps is a song I wrote to celebrate love. Mind you, I love a lot. My concern goes extensively to the preservation of nature. Much harm have been done to the Earth. But it is left for us to try to reverse the trend.

Ina son ki: Hausa language to I love you

Ahurum gi nanya: Igbo language for I love you

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