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My Love Song

I love the smile on your lips,
The dreams you bring to me
I love the taste of your pudding,
And the smell of boiled walnuts
I love our evening walks
While we wave the sun bye
I love the feel of evening rain
And listening to your lullabic songs
I love the memory games we play
When we sit by the hissing chimney
I love the quiet mornings
And the chirping of happy birds
I love to see you laugh and dance
And when you watch me stare
I love the fact that I love you,
And that I’m grateful to have you!

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My thoughts on Love

I love you and I want you to know.

We know that love is a feeling and a state of mind, desirous to be there for someone or see a person succeed or be better. This desire lead to kind acts and actions summarize it all. Yet love can be expressed verbally.

Who needs to know you care for them? Everyone! Family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. Acts of love are passed through our kindness and compassion for people and living things. How you treat people and your environment speaks volumes about yourself. Kindness, compassion and selflessness are loving virtues. Anyone who loves others loves himself. We are love creatures.

Loving someone means, “I love your life, your intentions, your interests, your aspirations, your hopes yet you’re not a threat to my life and aspirations.” So I enjoy loving you for you.

While we pray and work to cleanse our land of the virus, reminding someone of your love can bring hope. Drop a beautiful message to your loved ones today.

It’s a rainy morning. I’m grateful to love you another day 💛❤️💚😘


Love song: When you smile

I remember the first time you looked at me

I watched my feet dance in my long walk

I knew the celebration that came from love that stayed a while


I remember the first time you smiled at me

I felt my heart dance and rejoice

I was happy ’cause your smiled touched a part of me left out


So when you look at me, I am full of joy

When you smile, I feel love in many tongues:

I love you, Ina son ki, ahurum gi nanya!



Africans are known to express love more verbally. This little piece, perhaps is a song I wrote to celebrate love. Mind you, I love a lot. My concern goes extensively to the preservation of nature. Much harm have been done to the Earth. But it is left for us to try to reverse the trend.

Ina son ki: Hausa language to I love you

Ahurum gi nanya: Igbo language for I love you


Muse: Teach me

Lay me by the side of the brook,

Closer to the brown colored rocks

Make me see the waters tumble over

So teach me how to be your lover


When I love… 

I have fallen deep in love with you

Yes, it is not even wild to tell the world 

Wink at me, when am lost staring at you

For with my love, you can be rest assured
You have given me the taste of honey

The days run by, your smile my best

Your lips, the one when pouted look tasty

Your fragrance is lavender and sweet
When I love, I sing and amuse myself

Your love has become my everything

You have become my moon, my chef

My rainbow, my favorite and my song


African Inspiration

I see inspiration.
In our conversation,
In the mornings we talk
My pen grow fruitful
Your memories take me places,
to the peaks of African ranges
and where the lion cubs stay

I see the future
Bright and blue,
the clouds crystal clear
Like spring water rushing in haste
To other lands where the sun shine
Where the stars glitter in the night
And me thanking you for flying high with me

I see myself…
When you are around
I feel the warmth
Of your words in me
They encompass my whole being
You remind me of my joy
the one I cultured from the pen

…and when I see myself
I see a future inspired by you!