Age by Pietro Polic

What is age but a word
Conveying years, so absurd.
Wondering eternally coming of age
Would turn us really into a sage?

If that were so, the world would be populated
By wise guys …. in disguise.

To be honest it’s taken me ages to realize
That getting older makes it harder to memorise.

No number of years can persuade me
That in the end I can better see.

To hell with age and reaching wisdom
If at the end all is left is … bedlam.

I don’t wonna be clever or wise
If I can be young again and in paradise.

Nor do I want to be sensible
If I can be outrageous and loveable.

They say experience counts a lot
Good experience, bad experience …. it all ends up in the pot.

Give me age any time
As long as it’s young age, it’s fine.

But should you think that with old age I’m out
Beware ‘cause I still got a pretty good clout.

I wanna be loved by you … loved by you … by nobody else but you …

Give me that ol’ song again please
So that my soul may rest in peace.



This piece was written in 2012 by my friend Pietro AKA pietropan ❤

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