World Poetry Day by Sunil Algama #WPD2019

Today is the World Poetry Day 2019

At dawn, I heard beautiful voices of birds
Melodious and rhythmical
I do not hesitate to say
Yes, the chirp of birds is poetry

I behold at a distance
Early morning
Blue scenery made me mad
I fell in love
Promptly with the sun
Peeping through the range of mountains
I do not hesitate to say
Yes, the scenery of the sun rise is poetry

Blooming roses attract everybody
Adds a total satisfaction in hearts
Let their minds bloom accordingly
Meanwhile spread fragrance around vicinity
Doubling the joy in hearts
I do not hesitate to say
Yes, the beautiful scenery of blooming flowers is poetry

In the evening sun coming towards the sea
Painting the whole sky above the sea magnificently
Blending of vivid colors related to heavenly world
Sun slowly sink kissing the sea, sink and go to seabed to sleep
In the meantime, birds conduct a symphony orchestra
Praising the wonder given from heaven
I do not hesitate to say
Yes, the scenery of sunset is poetry

I watched everything of nature
Throughout the day
Saw suffering and enjoying
However, I got a different kind of taste from everything
I did not feel sadness even for a moment
I strongly reject the notion of suffering
It is the way we behold and taste
Make us happy or sad
I do not hesitate to say
Yes, the whole world is poetry



For this year’s #WorldPoetryDay2019 I have decided to publish the works of emerging and already published poets on my blog. Today and on the next few days I will be posting poetry from different poets from all parts of the globe. The #WPD2019 is a harshtag which will be used for this poetry event.


Sunil Algama is a prolific writer of poems. His poems are subtle yet inspiring. In this, the feeling of nostalgia surfaces to show the poets love for Nature.

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