The first rain


When the first rains fall, the play arena is set…

The lightning snap, the wind howl and here came the heavy rain!

With shrieks of joy and happiness the village children and pets will run

Pushing to be the first to embrace the rain

Now the rain will beckon to all with reduced tempo

Allowing everyone to settle to the touch it has brought

What a wonderful natural feeling!


Now come and wet our dresses, twist our hairs

Let the mighty Thunder, your cousin clap

Fill our eyes with your cold drench

And let the quiet Hamlet rejoice in your strength

You sent the wind, she happily came to us

Trailing behind us, throwing a handful of water slap on our faces

Pulling our dresses from beneath and all about us

Dancing with the fallen tree leaves, papers and fine sand

Pounding the soft soil, that at the distance we could hear the frogs shriek with joy

Oh, the first rains are always fun, a time to celebrate the sweetness that nature brings

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