Life: A Walk in the Park

Life is like a walk in the wooded green park

Where strange fine flowers and plants grow,

And pests; rodents, bunnies and insects abound

On the roadside will be mistletoes, thorny roses, even cactuses

With so much of harmless weed plants sprouting all about

They hurt if one touch them and won’t

If one will let them be,

There will be rocks and stones which will make the walk

Much tougher and insufferable for many

Yet the scenery is one of extreme beauty

But a walk through life itself will reveal a lot

Ups, downs,

Plains, hills,

Earth, water,

Love, hate,

Joy, pain,

A concoction brewed out of both good and bad

There must be a sort of balance, wearing the joy and pain away

And a device cloaking the lurking evil among the pretty green

The sun will normally shine, assuming he is good

And won’t burn everyone to death but grow the greenery

The rain will fall as usual, demanding a fair share of calamity

She might decide to flood the plains or fall in drought lands

There will be twist and turns all about

Rainfall, sunshine,

Smiles, tears,

Hopes, fears,

Bends, straight lines,

Rich, poor,

Every step seem to have a taste of two opposites

Swinging like Galileo’s pendulum, letting malevolence

Or benevolence swing, left or right

To fall, anytime on the guilty or innocent

One thing is that Nature has a way to console everyone

She either lets the tears of joy or pain dry in the suns heat

Or allow the soothing cold rains, wash them away


For Kofi Annan.

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