The Path

Many walked the path, many might never return
Before the days go dry, the town will be half empty
Many sought the way to gold, with so much energy
That the essence of life itself is lost to the cause
The outsides of the town show signs of wealth; 
Just by the gates the green lush forests beckon, 
In those forests, wildlife and flowery vegetables abound, 
Swift flowing rivers carry logs to other unknown lands
And the birds sing joyfully, that one might forget her sorrow
Beneath the soft soils, the roses grow and the hares burrow
Fruits fall from trees, turn sour, decay and fertilize others
Fresh forest airs and scenery heal the eyes from a far distance 
The mountains shield the gold as many will say
And if they could summon a little courage 
To find the caves the wildmen kept, maybe
Just maybe, the pathway will bless their hope
But when many walk the path, many will never return

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