Folk: the Warrior’s song

They call me Dike, yes!
I ran the thorny forest barefooted,
Even as the rough hills stood 
I danced in the strong heavy rain
When the thunder graced the storm
Dike na Dimgba! Odogwu!!
The one who fetched firewood from the land of the spirits
And threw the deity’s messenger in a wrestling match
I beat my chest, yes they say the warrior has come!
Ebube Dike, the warrior who manned the whole clan
The one who fought off the Leopard that took our livestock
Yes, I am the warrior, I am the Crocodile that lay in ambush
I have married the Kings first daughter, she holds my first child
I farmed yams and cassava, I hunt the boar and the antelope
I fought the clans neighbors, I won the race to the Evil forest,
I won the title of drinking the most of the steaming palm beer!
Call me Dike, the true warrior of his motherland!

The Igbo people are proud and take pride working hard to be recognized by the society they find themselves in. The Igbo are known for their strength, creativity and courage. They have survived several conditions with this attribute of daring to try. Igbos have a deep culture that is rooted in enterprise and community.

This piece therefore discusses a Warriors proud song. A folk which is known through the land when a warrior is allowed to praise himself.

Dike: Igbo for Warrior. 
Dike na Dimgba: The mighty warrior
Odogwu: the great
Ebube Dike: the Glorious one

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