Blood in the fields

Blood is in the streams,

Blood is in the fields,

Blood no longer flow in my system

Blood flow happily in lands

Where they once swore to protect

I thought that blood was meant to flow in me
But when I looked down I saw blood trickle out of me
I searched for a stream to wash my pains away
But it stuck to me, like an ant stuck to melted sugar
Tomorrow was a day I looked forward to but blood had blinded me
Grass grew on human flesh, the soil enjoy the moist they provide
Our waterfalls carry the blood of people who slept when their deaths came
So they slept on…
The hills of the Plateau cried, the waters of the Delta weep
This beautiful land cry out heavily, no one heard, so no one cared,
And now blood flow in the land freely, it no longer inside of me!

I don’t know why the world has kept a blind eye to what is going on in Africa. From Southern Cameroon to the North of Nigeria. From Central African Republic to Southern Sudan. From Somalia to Burundi and DR Congo. Africa is burning, preparing for a whole lot of bigger trouble. The world needs to look back, there is no more time, enough blood had been shed. 
The recent killing of innocent men, women and children in Plateau state of Nigeria is barbarious and uncalled for.

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