Muse: The Storm

When the clouds turned greyish black with the ending day,

What we didn’t notice was that the night came with a price

And the price was a storm which we were unprepared for

We dined, we enjoyed the sweet airs that the breezy night brought

But when the first crack came; it was a shocker and unpredictable!

First, we thought it was a canon and then wondered where it came from

The dread passed on from adults to children and then to the pets

Everyone wide eyed, confused and unsure of the strength of the storm

When the second crack came, the mothers were quick to bring in the cloths

The sweet airs enjoyed became a procession that even flew sand into our eyes

And the Night’s mildness turned into a storm that threw over our pot lids

The Whistling Pines sang melodiously, the stray cats meowed,

The dogs barked and the wind wrestled and twisted roof tops

Even the crazy village drunk howled as he sought his way home,

And so the little quietness enjoyed became a bunch of noisy drama

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