Call me Summer 

Call me summer; my days are sunny and hot, 

And in the forage you shall find, sweet fruits riped. 

I give tastes of fresh salmon cooked in coconut oil

And a drink of wine to toast to the mild island heat


Call me summer for I plait the hairs of the palm trees

I watch the tiny caterpillars wriggle out of humus

The green garden is my favorite playground, 

And my laboratory where my fancies are made


Call me summer, I bake the ageless rocks 

They simmer, the forest paths lay quiet

And I conjure small snakes on the pathways, 

They enjoy the serene weather and heat! 


Call me summer for I sing with the waterfalls

The pond is warm, reptiles adore the warmth

The grassland turn alive; yellow and green

And the clay taste for the rains wealth


Call me summer; I dance in the airs of the morning

I sit with the grey owls in the hidden farm barn

Counting the travelling birds that flew the happy day

When the sun set I blow dry air to sooth the night

Call me summer, I am glad and alive! 

I give smell of lavender, of mushroom

I throw a party; as mother Nature’s art

Wishing my best to all who love me! 

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