Family is love, family is the birth place of love

It is a wake of faces; staring, admiring, loving

A bed were we fight with pillows some times

And a glimpse of hope in the darkest of nights


Family is that look through the eye of a loved one

Family is the noise we make when we are all crazy

The reason we run home after a day of sun stress

And a soothing bath that gives a fresh-start fragrance


Family is laughter, a bunch of friends who delight in food

And more who delight in dance, wine and wierd things 

In great times, in sad times, morning, night, all for fun

But we all must begin and end with the family


Family is the dream of a fairy beach house

A collection of stones and pets all about the house

It is the taste of the sweet coconut juice from earth cups

The smell of boiled potatoes and soup for evening meal


Family is trust, made of honor and loyalty, 

A dream come true, a bouncing smiling baby

The taste of orange, a collection of picture albums

And a sense of belonging to the clan


Family is a citadel, a place of warmth and shelter

Designed in the hearts of hearts, the depths of care

Where the pains are sorted with mild words and smiles

And the love of our mother Nature with all she offered to us


Family is the song we sang together around the Christmas tree

The visits of places were masquerades pursue people with sticks, 

A life given to be shared by many wonderful people

And even a greater joy of gathering once in a while

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