Ovim, my homeland

To Thee My homeland
My mothers birthplace
The land of the brave
Ovim- land of strength

What baffles me most,
Through this bewildered mind
The uncertainty of what
Must be thought and said
Is the serenity about thee
I speak of you with pride
With love, with joy
Thee Ovim, my Father land
A beauty to behold
The land of the rising sun
With all enchanted forests
And always a proud cloud
And some wonderful trees
The Cashew, the mighty Iroko
Thy children are wonderful
They are strong, they till the land
And the women are nice
Everywhere there are smiles
Trees, hills, streams and wildlife
The blue skies stay above thee
And all birds love to play on them
From the hamlets in Obilohia
Comes the laugh of the hyena
On Nights ferocious character
The hunters prowl about in search
Of straying rodents and wild cattle
And when home, bring along quarries
Some alive, others ready for the pot
But then, the mornings are never boring
Goats bleat, the kids yell greetings
And the leaves of the bushes
Wave and hustle about in the wind
The heights of the hills, ranges
And the people of the hills
The vegetation, all scenic, beautiful
Indeed you are one lovely land
The rocks by the streamside
Sit majestically, unperturbed
And the mark of the fallen fish
Which stands on the rock today
Beats witness of thy blessedness
The bamboos are all about thee
Many reptiles call you home
Oh the masquerades of the spirits
Learning to run after a prey
On the arenas of excitement
Tell me, why are the Cat fishes
Sacred and never to be killed
Traditions, culture, my precious homeland!
The elders tell tales on moon nights
The Tortoise, his clan and his tricks
The children dance under the tree
And a game is played on the sand
If the palm wine tapper leaves home
Oh surely, let there be some wine!
And when I sneak in to listen
To the wisdom of the elderly,
Breaking the kola, speaking into life
And blessing the hands that gives
With prayers of the land
I see how I have loved thee

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