Africa Nature

Happy New Year

Morning of 31 December: I helped process cassava harvested from our farm. You might notice I haven’t been regular since new year’s eve. It’s part of my duty to work in the farm when I travel home. Processing cassava is a hectic task and I tend to sleep off each night without writing or reading. It might take few more days to regain my writing/reading strength.

Ovim sits on arable land. Some of the tubers in the image are as big as fully grown yams! We noticed that most of the cassava tubers were eaten by rodents and white termites.

While work was in progress we found a brown skinned snake which hid in a set of old furniture kept outside the house. To get the snake out I poured some kerosene on the furniture and killed it with a machete. Wild snakes can be poisonous and in Ovim, owing to the hilly terrain, snake bites are common.

Happy new year everyone. Let’s have a great year ahead! See you much later ❤

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