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African Zebra

An extraordinary land

Africa is a land of diversity and extreme beauty. From the rising golden sun to swift flowing rivers and peaceful, grazing black wildebeest spread across the brown and green savannah, one can always have a glimpse of nature’s beautiful paradise. And nature has a way of healing everything…

If you ever had the chance to visit Africa, you will have a life-long memory to cherish and will be glad you did. Don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself.

Diverse wildlife

One beautiful thing I love about Africa is in its diverse wildlife. There are numerous species. There are lions, leopards, wild hogs, crocodiles, wildebeests, panthers, alligators, turtles, tortoise, jackals, zebras, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffalos, cheetahs, wild dogs, foxes, skunks, springbok, honey badgers, porcupines, giant anteater, spotted hyaena, civets, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, tapirs, lemurs, ostriches, and different species of snakes, apes, birds, insects etc… and there are flourishing vegetation all over the continent. You can see many species in one location. What can be more exciting? Africa is indeed blessed.

Just like the kangaroo which is native to Australia, some species like lemurs, zebras and more are native only to Africa and so may not be found elsewhere. Of all quadrupedal, I love zebras most. I took special interest in this beautiful single-hoofed animal when I fantasized riding one as a child. But when I learned that it could bite and kick, I reconsidered and respected their distance.

The African Zebra

Now the African zebra is related to horses but you wouldn’t want to ride one. Zebras are strange examples of the saying: looks can be deceptive. It is aggressive and in several occasions had killed lions and other cats with its kick.

With black and white stripes, it is a spectacular beauty to behold. Scientists say the stripes act as camouflage; predators may not know the exact number of individuals when they stand together in a herd. Also, the stripes blend with their habitat. Each zebra stripe is unique.

They are very fast animals when they run and can reach up to 65Km/h. As herbivores, they move in groups or herds feeding on fruits, leaves, grasses, barks and roots. There are many species and they occur in different locations.

Grevy’s zebra

Most of zebra population is primarily found in Southern Africa. Individuals occur in West and Central Africa. South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Eastern African nations record most populations. They are seen in protected parks and reserves.

Zebra’s natural predators are mostly the big cats, crocodiles and wild dogs. Man, unfortunately kills zebras too for food. Measures are being taken to protect them as they go extinct in some African countries.

I invite you to visit Africa, maybe you will be lucky to bump into a solitary zebra or watch the herd head towards a waterhole to drink after a long sunny day.

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Beautiful Eswatini! (Images)

The Kingdom of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland is a Southern African country bordered by South Africa and Mozambique. The kingdom is known for it’s unique culture and beautiful countryside.

If you ever visit this beautiful country make sure you taste the local beer. There’s a lot of animals and birds to see too. Immerse yourself in Africa’s beauty.

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Visit Africa: Safari

Safari is a term used for expeditions to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitats. It has a Swahili origin and it is commonly used in East Africa.

You might want to consider Safari as a holiday option. There are beautiful things waiting for you to enjoy. The misty sunrise and magical sunset will baffle you. The swift flowing rivers and numerous mountains will entice you. There’s diverse wildlife, birds, flora, something for everyone to see and reflect on.

Everything here has a touch of gold and if you are a nature lover, you should consider making Africa your second home. Don’t take my word for it, come see for yourself.

Do you like to see the sun rise and set in a land of variety and magical wonder? Africa welcomes you.

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Visit Africa: Masai Mara

Video from Guardian TV

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Why you should visit Africa 2

Do you find happiness and healing in natural things? Do you get inspiration from your natural environment? Do you like hanging out with the wild and getting blessed with views of a beautiful land? Maybe you love to watch the young deer gallivant through the Veldt. Then a visit to Africa will do.

I, for instance find inspiration for my writing when I travel to the countryside. The tranquility, people, scenario and diversity is enough inspiration and will surely thrill you! There’s always something to write about in Africa.

If you go for Safari, take a camera with you. Take many images or videos as you can. Because whatever you see is not something seen on a regular day! Feel free, enjoy the woods and wild. But do not venture away from your company. Wild animals may be on the prowl.

The most famous African Safari locations is in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Southern African countries. Infact the East of Africa has many game reserves, parks and zoological gardens. Masai Mara in Kenya is popular and hosts many visitors each year. There’s some nature parks in West Africa. The Yankari Game reserve is situated in Nigeria.

If you go to South Africa, you can even ride Ostriches and play with Cheetahs! Several countries have these wildlife protected and can sanction anyone who poach or steal from the Nature reserves. So remember not to take anything away, without permission.

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There’s many animal species here. Some are native to Africa, that is you can’t see them elsewhere! Watch out for Lion prides, for towers of Giraffes, entourage of Elephants, Monkeys and more. You might stay through the night. What you see is what is shown in NatGeoWild, just that this will be the live version!

Africa is surely, a land of diversity. There’s so much to do. So try to have fun when you visit Africa. Trust me, Africa is an amazing place and you won’t regret coming.

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Why you should visit Africa

If you are in rural Africa, when the sun set you will be very lucky to witness events that you may never see elsewhere in the world!

The sun rise brings joy. Dew, Heavens water, congregate on the roof tops, tree leaves and grasses. The sun may stay for a while but can rise as early as 7AM. If you love to swim in rivers and streams, oh nice! Yes, the rivers are cool but beware of river dwelling creatures. It is best to go with a guide.

Don’t forget to go for Safari, my favorite of all! Though I have never gone for one, I have been to many zoos and gardens. I have that natural love for outdoor animal sighting. Can you believe me when I tell you I have faced a spotted Hyena and an African python? Yes I have, but the cage separated us! There’s many species here, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Python, Rhino, Crocodile (I really don’t like those), Hyena, Ape, Gators, Hippo, Deer, Hyena, Jackal, Wild dogs, Wolf, Boar, Cheetah, etc.

In some areas, the Earth is scantily clad with few shrubs and dust and in other areas there’s the lush green forest. There’s the Savannah, the Sahel, the Sudan and swampy areas. There’s abundant wildlife. If you love watching wild birds, Africa is your place. East, Southern and Central Africa is a jewel in this regard.

There’s the Sahara, the world’s largest sand desert, there’s the Kilimanjaro mountain, the River Niger, the Cape of Good Hope! Do you know Africans love spicy food as well? Maybe you should taste the suya, prepared by the roadside; skewered meat mixed with crushed groundnuts, pepper, oil and vegetables. Don’t forget to get yourself palmy when you visit West Africa!

There’s so much diversity, so much life, so much to see and reflect on! But don’t take my word for it. Plan a visit to Africa. It will be a lifetime experience!

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African tales by Moonlight

Living in the countyside was fun. I can’t forget the numerous activities/events I participated in. I remember the rodent hunting, farm work, fruit catching, swimming in the streams, wrestling fights and the night tales. My favorite was the night tales which was something else. How I love to sit in the warmth of other kids, out in the open space, under the tree shed and moon light. Ah! Words can’t describe the feeling. Don’t take my word for it. Come to Africa and try to find yourself a story telling community. There’s so much to learn from the tales. Much morals and old world wisdom are lost because most of the youth nurture other dreams. The modern youth think the countryside is not a nice place to settle in. So country life is not meant for them. I really think otherwise. I was born and brought up in the town, but I feel more attached to the countryside. I feel lost in the crowd and towns are places of pollution and noise, right?

Moon light tales are told in the late evening or nights. I call it ‘the African theater’. Major spectators are children, sometimes stray adults join. Usually the tales finish off as moral lessons and other times just a fun story, which may act as a lullaby for the night. We need to encourage and revive this culture of story telling.

So if you love folktales and happen to visit rural Africa. From Safari to Palm wine to melon cakes and weird but nice food, be rest assured you will have a great time.


Life in African tropics

In the beginning, life in the tropical forests made more sense without man’s interest

When man was afraid to bother the endless mass of green with fearful bugs and insects


Strange as it seem, but the green tropical forest is a wonderland

So much activity go on here, such that it is a distinct world,

In the heat of the morning, the meek insects burrow in the sand

While the loud ones cry out to their scattered beloved

When it rain, the soft waters collect at a point and run off tree leaves

Creating many pools for thirsty fauns and plants that live around

Snakes, boas, mambas, lay lazy, enjoying their free sun tan

One eye on the sky and one on the quiet green landscape

Monkeys play games, disturbing neighbors who hide from them

When a dangerous stranger passed by, they honk with all their strength

For it was their tradition to do so when they see a hog, Leopard or python

So the day grow humid, sharing the heat of the waking sun across the horizon


Below the trees’ branches many mouths forage hungrily

Ants run up trees with heavy loads they struggle to carry,

On the soft soil, the bugs and worms dig away, hurriedly

Waiting for the coming darkness which seemed carefree,

Crocodiles and hippos sit in the sun with birds feasting on their bugs

Rivers and streams flow quietly or when the waters fall, it beats drums

Dragon flies pursue stray insects as hornets buzz about seeking their prey

Out on the humid air, birds fly, hunt and display their beauty

Hawks and Kites are rampant, the forest provides all their needs

Insects with and without wings play in the open insufferable sun

Winged ones; beetles, butterflies and mantis surf the wind

Enjoying the freedom and happiness that comes with the flight

But then the evening came treacherously; steady and quiet


It is now that birds fly away to their home, calling to the setting sun

Noisy Partridges, Swans, Cranes love the evening home coming

The slow walkers association led by Snails and Tortoises crawl home

The sunset bring great joy to the worms and the timid albino ants

To others like the grasshoppers, wasps and bees it was time to retire

Termites disappear into their tunnels, but their softer relatives, the sugar ants

Troop out to find their food, savoring the feeling that their own day just began

Snakes and tarantulas hide in corners, waiting for rats and other small rodents

Bats surface with fiery looking hoods, as that of a masquerade’s mask

It was night and it was time for nocturnal animals of different clans


In the end, life in the tropical forests made more sense without man’s interest

But it grew sore, now man’s snares and tools abound below the quiet tree roots

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Africa: Retelling the story

What if there was no love in me for you Africa…?

I shrug, I will not think of it…

I wonder which other songs are left for me to sing

I wonder what can give me much joy for a better future

And I thank God for this gift, for Africa, for the world

For the opportunity to tell how I feel about Gods perfect Nature

And what it means to me… my beautiful inspiration!


Each time I wake from my slumber I see your beauty

I still see heart warming smiles and people around me

And the sweet torture of their warmth joyfully burns my heart

It feels so good to be part of it all, part of a blessed world

Imagine sleeping in the open air at the spying of the Wild dogs

Imagine running up the hills to fright the Lions with the Masai

Or to dance with the mischievous apes of the Savannah

And drink the sweet and fresh Mqobothi beer with the Zulu


There is some warmth even in remembering you

In bearing your thoughts and dreams…

In my hopeful traveling of the lengths

And breadths of your landscape

Through ponds, forests, hills, vales, towns and hamlets

And my encounters with the good and the bad and the ugliest,

The wild, the tamed, the birds and the beasts…

The sweet romance of adventure itself

And my undying quest for knowledge…


Sometimes I am like the Wild myself

And the Waterfalls and Ponds my fine siblings

What of the streams with reeds all over the surface

That conceals the dreaded Alligators in their element?

What of the python with her thousands of camouflage spots

Swimming in the deep rivers of the Niger and Orange?

What of the spotted Hyena with her ferocious eyes

And large head full of tattoos and curly hairs?

What of the songs from the thousands of forests dwellers

Who knew no other men, deity, world or hope?

What of many, many things I might not remember to remember

Just what of …

And what of me with everything strange about me

Writing, musing away to the tunes Nature gave me?

Knowing so well I belonged to a community, entertaining ourselves

Living together for life is for the living…

I am sorely in love, with you Africa


Note: Nature as an African


Mother Nature is an African. I say this because I have seen why. Africa is unrivaled in wildlife species and variety. I have had an Ostrich tower over me back then in Ondo state of Nigeria and I have met the Hyena which could have passed for a demon with her red eyes and big fury head and that was in Songhai Zoological Gardens. I have seen some quails and came so close to an African python! I have seen several species of crocodiles; the West African Dwarf Crocodile and the Nile,  the civet, boars, tortoise, turtles, giant rats, all sorts of rodents, snakes,  hundreds of different monkeys, wild dogs, hundreds of birds particularly the peacock, egret, falcon, parrots and the crown bird. I have seen many animals and plants which I might not recollect their names and places I met them.

Now I have climbed hills and traveled thru thick forests. I have witnessed a first hand experience of an African village and spent my time living in the rural. I have seen and bathed in waterfalls and her sparkling waters that washed down the valleys.

I hope to see even more…

If you visit Africa to see these wonders, trust me you will be glad you did.


African desire


My land is green

Africa, my Africa

Together we win,

My humble desire


Your arms are long like the bamboo weed

The smoothness of the riverside air sooth it

The hornet, the weavers all spread your seed

And with joy, we come to you to inherit


Your moments are fun, beautiful, we are joyful

You are full of splendor, full of colorful butterflies

We wait to see the yam sprout, we are hopeful

With the coming rains, we plant our rice


But wait, soon the sun will shine here

Soon the sleepy forests will come alive

Soon I shall be traveling, here and there

And soon I shall see your pretty smiles


The greenness of this land know no bounds

(Remind me) that these colors I must never get used to

Let the quietness of my soul, of this great land

Paint many colors and let it all be sweet hues


I am surrounded by thousands of trees

Which danced for me  in the dewy morning

In the evenings crickets hide in the shrub leaves

Finally, in these I happily put my hopeful singing



Watch the sun rise

I watch the sun shine thru my window
Throwing me a familiar wink
And painting the curtain gold
Thru the city streets the lights glow
Like the color of brew which men drink
On all faces it shone, young and old

Day breaks again in the city
My heart long for something else
My dreams point to my calling;
A wheat farm and its serenity,
A pride of Lions in their lairs
Queer birds of Africa wailing

My heart is giving to the wild
I loath the noises of the city
The hustle bustle of strange people.
The twittering of birds are mild
It defined the inspiration in me
I am part of Nature, a true example

Africa is a wonder, a haven
I am given to Gods beautiful creations
My friends are what Nature offer:
Tridax, Drumstick, Marigold, Kenya, Bean
The Leopard, Hippo, Gazelle, Zambia, Lion
Waterfalls, hills, safari, ponds, all that are to wonder

Nothing compareS to this dream,
Let’s go find another land
Let’s go see what the Lord has for us!
The morning is handsomely warm
And the sun is scanning the land
A good day to ride, if I had a horse!

And someday soon, I’ll be there












Oh Africa!
The land of warriors
Of Shaka the Zulu
Land of great trees and waterfalls
The Victoria and the Chad
the Baobab and the Iroko
A land of green forests
With many faun and flora
A goldmine, a pouting sky
The wonders of Nature
A setting sun in the evening
Have you heard the tales
Of brave beast hunters
Home with life boas and alligators
Or driven down the roads
Of a modern Jo’burg
During a night sit out?
Have you seen the crags of Jos
And the Ohafia war dancers?
Have you seen the Kainji,
Or the ever dry Sahara?
Have you been to the Veldt
Or taken a safari thru Kenya’s forests
To see the wonders of the lakes
The river Orange and Lusaka?
When the sun rises
Hopes all rises with it
Have you seen the mountain Kilimanjaro
Or a hill leading the way to Umukwu, Ovim?
Have you heard the Lion
Roar so close to you
Or the trumpeting of Elephants
Confused and staring at you?
Come taste the sweet wonders
Of mother Natures best dishes
Come explore the lands
Where the sun shines always
Come see islands of the Cape Verde
And the wildlife that walk on Africa
Africa calls you
Have you seen my Africa?

Pictures: from Jim’s African Page

Oiroegbu Halls