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Why you should visit Africa

If you are in rural Africa, when the sun set you will be very lucky to witness events that you may never see elsewhere in the world!

The sun rise brings joy. Dew, Heavens water, congregate on the roof tops, tree leaves and grasses. The sun may stay for a while but can rise as early as 7AM. If you love to swim in rivers and streams, oh nice! Yes, the rivers are cool but beware of river dwelling creatures. It is best to go with a guide.

Don’t forget to go for Safari, my favorite of all! Though I have never gone for one, I have been to many zoos and gardens. I have that natural love for outdoor animal sighting. Can you believe me when I tell you I have faced a spotted Hyena and an African python? Yes I have, but the cage separated us! There’s many species here, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Python, Rhino, Crocodile (I really don’t like those), Hyena, Ape, Gators, Hippo, Deer, Hyena, Jackal, Wild dogs, Wolf, Boar, Cheetah, etc.

In some areas, the Earth is scantily clad with few shrubs and dust and in other areas there’s the lush green forest. There’s the Savannah, the Sahel, the Sudan and swampy areas. There’s abundant wildlife. If you love watching wild birds, Africa is your place. East, Southern and Central Africa is a jewel in this regard.

There’s the Sahara, the world’s largest sand desert, there’s the Kilimanjaro mountain, the River Niger, the Cape of Good Hope! Do you know Africans love spicy food as well? Maybe you should taste the suya, prepared by the roadside; skewered meat mixed with crushed groundnuts, pepper, oil and vegetables. Don’t forget to get yourself palmy when you visit West Africa!

There’s so much diversity, so much life, so much to see and reflect on! But don’t take my word for it. Plan a visit to Africa. It will be a lifetime experience!

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