Life in African tropics

In the beginning, life in the tropical forests made more sense without man’s interest

When man was afraid to bother the endless mass of green with fearful bugs and insects


Strange as it seem, but the green tropical forest is a wonderland

So much activity go on here, such that it is a distinct world,

In the heat of the morning, the meek insects burrow in the sand

While the loud ones cry out to their scattered beloved

When it rain, the soft waters collect at a point and run off tree leaves

Creating many pools for thirsty fauns and plants that live around

Snakes, boas, mambas, lay lazy, enjoying their free sun tan

One eye on the sky and one on the quiet green landscape

Monkeys play games, disturbing neighbors who hide from them

When a dangerous stranger passed by, they honk with all their strength

For it was their tradition to do so when they see a hog, Leopard or python

So the day grow humid, sharing the heat of the waking sun across the horizon


Below the trees’ branches many mouths forage hungrily

Ants run up trees with heavy loads they struggle to carry,

On the soft soil, the bugs and worms dig away, hurriedly

Waiting for the coming darkness which seemed carefree,

Crocodiles and hippos sit in the sun with birds feasting on their bugs

Rivers and streams flow quietly or when the waters fall, it beats drums

Dragon flies pursue stray insects as hornets buzz about seeking their prey

Out on the humid air, birds fly, hunt and display their beauty

Hawks and Kites are rampant, the forest provides all their needs

Insects with and without wings play in the open insufferable sun

Winged ones; beetles, butterflies and mantis surf the wind

Enjoying the freedom and happiness that comes with the flight

But then the evening came treacherously; steady and quiet


It is now that birds fly away to their home, calling to the setting sun

Noisy Partridges, Swans, Cranes love the evening home coming

The slow walkers association led by Snails and Tortoises crawl home

The sunset bring great joy to the worms and the timid albino ants

To others like the grasshoppers, wasps and bees it was time to retire

Termites disappear into their tunnels, but their softer relatives, the sugar ants

Troop out to find their food, savoring the feeling that their own day just began

Snakes and tarantulas hide in corners, waiting for rats and other small rodents

Bats surface with fiery looking hoods, as that of a masquerade’s mask

It was night and it was time for nocturnal animals of different clans


In the end, life in the tropical forests made more sense without man’s interest

But it grew sore, now man’s snares and tools abound below the quiet tree roots

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