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I’m a Titan!
For I dance under the greying skies,
Strip the trees bare of green leaves
And watch it slowly die with my pitchforks

I’m a Titan
I tease the streams and oceans
So when they wash up dying lives on the dust
I pity and sigh with discontentment

I’m a Titan
I dig the earth to make empty caves
And when it rains, the land slides
Down, upon surprised villagers

I’m a man
I look to profits more than my future
In snow, rainfall and sunshine
Adding my gains, without a thought for the growing pain



We are living in the reality of global warming. Believe it or not, the numerous natural disasters occuring are all functions of our work, years past. It is time to sit up and work to restore the Earth’s health. We can’t be healthy on an unhealthy Earth.


The Palm Tree

I wonder why it is called a tree
Yet she is dressed like a masquerade
With thorny arms raised to deliver a blow
And fins to wade thru a turbulent storm

Dangerous as she looks,
She is quietly harmless
Swerving from one wind to another
She enjoy the attention of the airs

When there is a heavy storm
She guides the little shrubs
When the sun shine bright
She takes also much heat

She stand, tall and fixated…
Breaking the wind surge
Wearing a grim apparition
One of piety and grace

She possesses queer tentacles
Which come as green leaves
Growing a shade of shadows
For every thing which seek refuge

The tree is both benevolent to man and wild
Dancing to the tune of both commanders
She gives her fruits as food and snack
And the leaves and barks are vegetables

So this person called the Palm
Is more than a tree.
In parts of lands below the Tropics
We can say she is part of the culture

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Tomorrow looks faint
At times we wonder
What will happen next?
What if the stars fall?

Nature looks on, letting the rain
Wash the greases off the machine
The blood of blasted bodies and souls
And feeds all into the rivers

One wonders why infants
Are destroyed, not a chance given
A total future wiped off
Bombs hauled into houses, tears and sorrow

We are armed with guns
Drugged most times,
Seldom free of out ‘masters’
And always living by the gun

Why should I kill you?
Why should you kill me?
There’s too many pain to do that
All caused because we love not

The Earths vegetations burn,
The skies and homes burn
The last of our best grains too
And all exotics the Earth has to give

There’s pollution everywhere
We don’t care about the trees
We don’t care about the dying Earth
Of even the beauty of humanity

A prideful march of nationality
Across the waving hands of ‘loved’ ones
Encouraging people to grave acts
What gain will we make of this?

Listen brother, your attention I seek
Your enemy is not man or woman
Let’s fight our real enemies; deforestation
Desertification, erosion, global warming, diseases

Do you knot your hands in anger,
Do you know that all men are equal?
Beheading a fellow human
Goodness! But how do you feel?

How dare you point that at me
Did I steal your yam or corn harvest?
Why are you happy to see blood
Is human beings now lesser than chicken now

Oh mother do not throw away your child
Do not let him march to the fields
Teach him to love, to till the land
To tend the Earth God gave us

What are you, military men?
Oh I see, a cold heart grown
Power is in the hands of people with guns
Now the world they seem to own

The nights are cold in the hamlets
The rains had gone for the time being
But blood has been shed somewhere
In the fields and on the city

I wonder if you see this with me
That love has never dwelled on Earth
That we must love others unconditionally
That the humanity in us is all we got

Whatever happens in your arms
That had put fear and tears
In the hearts and minds of people
Then re-consider, make peace, create love

And when we recall all that has happened
Of all beautiful things we destroyed
Blaming this and that, religion, tribe or color
Then it comes for all to sit and love


A Tale of the Trees

Tonight, it is airy
And I can hear voices
I heard the Pine trees whisper
To all trees, Baobabs, Oaks; and the bald Owl
A tale of the nights
With the Moon on guard
The Wild Plums struggling to stay awake
To hear the tale of the trees
‘Listen brethren, I get a tale’
The chief Pine bride began
‘Once a time ago
We were very good friends
With all humans, black, white
We play together, we eat together
We feed men and they defend us
They protect us and it was brotherly
Then a Star fell from above
And man followed this Star
They totally forgot about us
And then one day
Man returned; with metals
And my fathers fathers father saw them
With such ire destroyed many of our folks’
Believe me, many trees wept
‘What do they gain destroying us?’
An Apple tree asked
‘I love their kids, I let them play about me
And I throw them fruits to eat’
‘Me too,’ ‘Me three!’ Trees yelled
‘Well, seems we are lesser beings
But in me there’s life!’
A tall fat Mahogany said
‘Let’s hope they forgive us
If our appearance on Earth
Causes them some discomfort’
The Pine tree concluded solemnly
And now the little fauns felt pity
The Moon itself stood motionless
And it was really a heart cold night

To all wonderful life giving trees. SAVE THE TREES, SAVE OUR LIVES!

©Oke’ Iroegbu.


Poetry in the morning

While we wait for the warmth from the sun
And let our minds roam and run
Now the Winds still blows
Looking for his bride to woo
The clouds are still sleepy
And a Bumblebee buzzed pass, happy
Scents from trees tops
Descend upon the little mushrooms
And all is happy on the sight
There was a storm last night
But we all, man, faun, flora and fairy
Lived to say