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Someone is an answer to your prayers as you are to others

Seasons: Things just don’t happen

One beautiful thing about life is: there are seasons for everything so things just don’t happen. Everything happens to serve different purposes. Even in nature there are seasons. There are times for flowers to blossom, time for the night and day and time to eat or rest. In West Africa we have the rainy season and dry season. Each season has a role to play and must fulfil it’s purpose.


Here is a story from ODM that talks about selflessness and compassion. The lessons in this story goes beyond self.

A man was out taking pictures of eagles on a Sunday afternoon in Bellevue, Nebraska in the United States when he witnessed a Sedan (car) containing 3 men which lost control while crossing rail road tracks. The vehicle is a fire hydrant (big container where water is stored to put out fire) and then landed upside down in an ice-cold pond. According to ABC News Omaha affiliate station, KETV the man said “The car just came right in front of me; they hit the fire hydrant and I don’t think they even touched the ground They were airborne”. The man heard the occupants screaming for help and immediately jumped into action. He panicked when he heard the voice of one of them say, “Get me out, it’s filling of water”. But he overcame his initial fear, took a dive into the freezing water and managed to pull one of the car door open. Immediately he did, water started gushing out of the car. The man who screamed for help started making his way out of the car. He pulled him and got him out. He pulled another man and there after pulled another man. Gradually, he got three men out of the overturned and submerged vehicle. The man who was later hailed as the hero for saving the lives of this three men, said he will always look back at the pictures he took that day and be thankful because his timing was right and that he was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Remember always
Everyone on earth is here for a purpose. No one is extra human or excess human being. Abhijit Naskar reasoned thus, “Without purpose, we are just good looking animals.” Life is a place of inter connectivity! You were created to be an answer to somebody’s prayer. You are someone’s bundle of joy and someone was made to be your bundle of joy!

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Simple Things

Remind me daily of how lucky we are;
Of green trees to climb and the free air
Of distant farmland stretching into sunrise
Of waterfalls and rocks that we hide & seek
And numerous pretty birds that we see

Love and Christianity Pastoral Poetry

You came as a Dream

You came as a Dream to me
This Dream has made me beautiful

Africa lifestyle Poetry



Nothing compares to speeches made by the eyes
When fine memories tumble into low faint sighs
Now see our glamour fade before the waking morning
With the old tree, where we played sitting and grinning
Mourning the demise of a union which might not be
Or which was but could not be totally seen

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City Life by Robin N Bliss

Tall,towering up so high
Glass towers touch the sky
Man made canyons concrete,stone
There the wind funnels mourn n’moan
People hurry push and shove
No time here for thing like love
Neon signs glowing bright
They are such a colourful sight

Buildings forming angles sharp
Here and there,there is a park
Cars and buses grind and roar
So much traffic more and more
Sunlight reflecting off the glass
Clouds form patterns as they pass
And the buskers entertain
But,see the homeless in their pain

See the man in tattered clothes
Shuffling on wards as he goes
See the man in business suit
For he doesn’t give a hoot
For the poor and homeless man
We know he doesn’t give a damn
And so the city life goes on
From the night until the dawn

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Information on Covid-19 in Local Languages

This is Umukwu, Amune Ovim in Isuikwuato. An uncle sent this video to me yesterday. I’m happy to see this happen. Now that information about the virus is spread through local languages, I expect to see some change in attitude and willingness to observe social distancing. The video is in Igbo language. I think the same should be done in other parts of Nigeria, especially the North and other African nations as well. This way our rural populace will know about the virus and how it can be avoided. There’s an English version here. Kudos to all that organized this. Stay safe everyone.

Learn Igbo language.

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Creative Baking: Senocreme

Maya Angelou opined that one can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Join me to welcome my guest, Seno Ukpe, a friend from Akwa Ibom state and CEO Senocreme.

Meeting Seno, some years back in University of Uyo, I didn’t observe she had an enterprising mindset. Smart and taciturn, I was sure that she would become a budding baking celebrity in the city of Uyo. So when she transformed an idea into reality and became a mentor in her field, I wasn’t surprised. I love good food and will celebrate anyone who makes some!

Seno is taciturn yet what strikes me when she speak is her confidence and that’s a great way to start a success story. Her passion for baking is outstanding, it even reflects on her work as you can see in the images.

As I say, a good baker is a good mathematician. Timeliness, grit and creativity are calculative spicing in every good cooking and Senocreme gives the best experience.

Honestly, I would let my pen rest and eat a fistful.

If you are interested in cakes and bake mentoring, drop a message or reach out to her. I know she will be more than happy to help. Thank you Senocreme for your time.

Check out her Facebook and Twitter pages @senocreme

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Self Reflection 15: Compassion

Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society.

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Muse: Family

Things may change but we begin and end with the family.

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Self Reflection 11: Feed your Faith

Feed your faith, starve your doubts.


Self Reflection 8: Success

Success is contentment, achieving little or much and leaving a legacy.

culture/tradition education lifestyle Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Series

Self Reflection 7: Plan

Plans not executed are as good as failure.

culture/tradition lifestyle Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Series

Self Reflection 6: Watch and Pray

Never relax your guard: watch and pray.

lifestyle Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Series

Always be mine

Always be mine.

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Self Reflection 2: Love yourself

Love yourself enough to take the actions required for your happiness.

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Self Reflection 1: Walk alone

Sometimes it’s good to walk alone to allow your mind find its purpose.

Africa lifestyle Nature Pastoral Poetry

Muse: Life

Life is strings of memories,
Little moments and turning points,
Love and forgiveness,
Flowers and breezy nights,
Happiness and bird watching…
Life is living experience,
Horse riding and beaches,
Hiking and sunset,
Coconut juice and warm soups,
So life is found most in simple things…


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Images: Growing Up

These images show children having fun in the African countryside.

I can relate to most if not all…

Africa culture/tradition education lifestyle Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry Series

Health, our new Wealth

Health is a new wealth! Here are some factors that may help us live healthily.

Our psychology plays a significant role in our wellbeing. If you think healthy thoughts, you’ll be healthy. We were thinking healthy means being conscious of our internal and external environment and knowing how to maintain a proper balance.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…

Our lifestyle matters too. Observing good siesta is good. Sleep is part of human nature, and it’s the best way to rest essential organs in the body. Sufficient sleep is required if we desire to be strong mentally and physically. Our choice of nutrition, exercise, feeding habits and personal hygiene also affect our wellbeing.

Water! Ah, water is life. Man and water are inseparable. The earth surface consists of about 70% of water and man is made up of water! Oxygen contains water too. So clean water is essential. While we may enjoy beverages, wine, and others, we must not forget that water remains the best option.

Happiness is a healthy factor. Happily, satisfaction is free, and no one but ourselves can control our happiness! Studies reveal that happy people tend to live longer. Peace of mind comes from being happy, and this has a way of affecting our health!


Noisy Weekend

Ah. It’s a hot noon here. Dry harmattan wind made it even worse as it brought hot air. I’m back from work and quietly sitted, looking out the window. I could be less bored in a natural environment but all I see here are buildings, electricity poles and people. There are little or no trees in this vicinity. The skies are so unromantic here, they are not blue. I really miss the tranquil countryside. The memories of the last holiday spent in my village still warms my merry heart.

There’s books to read but I’ve put reading on hold for work demands much of my time. Children are playing outside and their noise bother me. That’s one reason I dislike slums and cities. I can’t wait for the evening to come so I can have some quietness and cool breeze.

This week was stressful. I introduced classes, revised past work and gave out tests. Also I welcomed new students and made lesson notes for classes. Teaching math is a tasking job. But as learning and life is a cycle, I enjoy giving out my knowledge to others.

I’m going to hang out this evening with colleagues and friends that live nearby. There’s a favorite restaurant where we enjoy drinks and discuss the week’s scores and events.

I wish everyone a lovely weekend. TGIF