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Creative Baking: Senocreme

Maya Angelou opined that one can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Join me to welcome my guest, Seno Ukpe, a friend from Akwa Ibom state and CEO Senocreme.

Meeting Seno, some years back in University of Uyo, I didn’t observe she had an enterprising mindset. Smart and taciturn, I was sure that she would become a budding baking celebrity in the city of Uyo. So when she transformed an idea into reality and became a mentor in her field, I wasn’t surprised. I love good food and will celebrate anyone who makes some!

Seno is taciturn yet what strikes me when she speak is her confidence and that’s a great way to start a success story. Her passion for baking is outstanding, it even reflects on her work as you can see in the images.

As I say, a good baker is a good mathematician. Timeliness, grit and creativity are calculative spicing in every good cooking and Senocreme gives the best experience.

Honestly, I would let my pen rest and eat a fistful.

If you are interested in cakes and bake mentoring, drop a message or reach out to her. I know she will be more than happy to help. Thank you Senocreme for your time.

Check out her Facebook and Twitter pages @senocreme

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